Dollar Cost Average : Boring But The Best Strategy.

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The bull market seemed unending spaning over almost years with some cryptos having multiple ATHs and others doing amazingly well in just a short time. Many begged, many hoped and many prayed to see the market crumble for just one last time and it seems they got what wished for but this most likely won't be for so long. To be honest, seeing the price of Bitcoin dump to 30k caught me by surprise, I really didn't expect it to happen so fast in just a couple days , but that's just how this space works.

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One thing I noticed though is how most people didnt complain much and seem have accepted the market's volatility for what it is. They really didnt stress themselves much thinking about the crash which is good thing. Well, these are obviously people with years of crypto experience and this really isn't a big deal anymore. These folks only make moves in periods like this and DCA is one of their favourite strategies for investing in the market. The only set of people I truly sympathise with are day traders who have gotten liquidated trading cryptos (longing the market) in the past two weeks.

I began DCAing the market late last month and today felt like a great day to DCA for the month of May. I had intentions of only buying once a month but with the situation of things, I may just make this twice a month. The market is already recovering after tge massive 10 days crash, but we may still be having some worse days ahead. Regardless of the situation, the goal remains to DCA twice a month and hodl for as long as I can.

At this stage, I have fixed cryptos with long term goals and would just keep stacking them till my bags overflow. It's easier focusing on just about 4-5 cryptos and sticking with with no matter the condition of the market. Now is definitely not a time to sell or take profit, that was last year. This is time to reinvest in the market and the Dollar cost average strategy is simple the best with almost no risks and no regrets.

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