Earning Passively Breeds Financial Independence

in blurt •  2 months ago 

Since financial independence/ freedom is a state everyone strives to reach, it is important to figure out which ways can help us attain this state easily, swiftly. However, the path to success and perhaps financial freedom isn't an easy one and definitely not a swift one but taking some actions would define make it easier. One of those key actions to take is to create a system where our passive earnings are more than our active earnings.


We do hear about how billionaires in the world today and how they make money while they sleep, having the ability to make that so much money while we are inactive or not present is what truly breeds financial independence we all crave and we can only strive to create a system where we can earn passively.

The best ways however to create passive income id by first earning actively, by getting a job or stating a business taht actually pays well enough that you can take some part of that money to invest in something else that could yield passive income in rbe future. We are all not gonna be young forever and we don't crave working till our old age and then death, do this is why we have to make plans to ensure that earning passively becomes the only way we earn later in life.

Any business in the world today can yield passive income if only there's a system that allows it. So yeah, not only real estate or agriculture can bring passive income , although one could easily set up a system for passive income in these sectors.

The crypto space has quite alot of areas where people can earn passively for example staking your cryptos like on Blurt and Defi where you get a certain percentage of your staked crypto after a certain period.

For anyobe searching for financial freedom, finding ways to earn passively should be their top priority and if done right, we could attain financial freedom faster than we ever imagined.

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