The True Meaning Of "No Pain, No Gain" (The Financial Perspective)

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Earlier today, I was having a conversation with a new friend and the moment I mentioned "No Pain, No Gain" in the aspect of conversation that had to do with making money, she suddenly became a bit hostile and said somethings that I kinda pondered on because of what she had said but, but because I had been seeing it pop up alot more on social media and it suprisingly does makes sense to some people. She felt the idea of having to go through pain to make money/ gains is old fashioned and since money can be made without stress these day, why glorify pain and suffering. She also talked about how "hardwork doesn't gurantee success but working smart does".


You see, I agree with some of the things she said like how making money seems easy these days than it was many decades ago. Many years ago, you really couldn't make money until you had stepped out of your house, do some walking arounds, attending meetings physically, lift some heavy things, put your life on the line and do work that makes you sweat. However what my new friend here doesn't understand is that "no pain, no gain", isn't just about physical stress or pain, it also includes mental or emotional stress and guess what, we're only shifting towards the direction of mental and emotional stress from physical stress.

Take for example cryptocurrencies, some people may think this industry is a no-stress industry and doesn't require so much work like many other industries. The truth is that the existence and growth of this industry requires loads and loads of mental work and stress than physical one. The crypto space won't be the success it is today if some group of people had not put in the hardwork. Also, successful people in the world today who seem to be making money so easily have paid the price for their success either through physical or mental stress.

Secondly, hardwork does always pay off regardless of the field we're in. Hardwork also has been misconstrued for physical work and stress which isn't really the case. It also involves mental work and for two people struggling to reach a goal, the person who works harder would most definitely reach the goal faster than the other person who probably things working hard is old fashioned.

Well, this was quite the conversation but she still didn't agree that for her to make money, she had to go through some form of stress either physically or mentally. At the end of the conversation, I could tell what she was really about and the kind of life she wanted. She's still quite young and so I'm certain that with time, that ideology will change.

I love hearing other people's thoughts and opinions on topics like this, it simply just makes me understand how other people think and sometimes it kinda saves me the time of having a conversation with someone who has a particular mindset especially since they're so rooted in what they believe and aren't willing to want to see things from a different perspective. Life has its way of making us understand things though, the longer we stay, the better our understanding of certain subjects.

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