Show up yourself with Emojis 😃 and Frontend updates | Devlog 25 | Feb 3 2022

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I know I have not been posting any posts lately because I was with dev stuff and working behind the scenes

Emoji Support on Blurt.Blog

Screenshot from 2022-02-03 01-50-17.png

😀Emojis 😃 are what help a person to express themselves on the digital platform. Emojis show what a person is feeling without the person being present there.

Emojis in short are the emotions printed on Digital media.

So, here is my gift to you all, the emojis. 🤪

Screenshot from 2022-02-03 01-49-57.png

Show up yourself.

Commits can be found in the merge request for the same

Also, this is just a kind of beta, I will improve this button design to a cool one.


Click on add emoji and then click on emoji. It's just that simple.

Update to Emoji (Feb 3, 2022)

The button was the initial idea just to enable emoji picker but users did not want to wait and started complaining, so here is the quick fix for that.

Emoji selection.png
Click on this emoji to toggle emoji selector

emoji picker updated.png
Here is the updated emoji picker without the button

@offgridlife @opidia I hope you both will be happy now

Note: Do clear cache if any UI issue or ctrl + shift + r to reload without cache

@megadrives asked this. So, to insert blurt emoji, do search face_with_symbols_covering_mouth

Alternative Frontends

As we all know, we initially had only one frontend where people can access the blurt blockchain. And in case of failure, there was no way to access that.
So, I and @freakeao started backup servers in case. That started just as an alternative, but later more things happened and we discussed making it more than just an alternative.

Also, I talked with other teammates @zahidsun and @imransoudagar as they also wanted to run the frontend from their domain.

So, there are now a total of 3 alternative frontends for all to access.

Blurtlatam frontend

Managed by
@blurtlatam (Founder and Curator @Vickyguevara)
@blurthispano (Founder & Curator @Geeklania)
@freakeao (Founder, Curator and Front End Support)

Access at

Check the announcement here

Blurtlive frontend

Managed by @powerclub team

Tekraze frontend

Managed by me as @tekraze

And, of course, helping all frontends with dev and deployment support
This is why I was away and not on

@opidia now you may know, why I don't visit profiles. Also, inviting you to design images for the home page for alternative frontend as the existing one is given by you, but can be better with a new approach for the new frontend.

Other Upgrades

There may be more updates coming, as I am fully working on upgrading the old code. In the current status, there are a lot of changes, in the new frontends way ahead of the official front, but I will try to keep them in Sync.

There may be new updates on the alternative frontends that may or may not be on the official frontend because of code issues and versioning.

Now the frontends will move ahead in terms of design as per the community likings and demands.

But at the core of all, I will be supporting these cool projects, and I hope maybe more DApps (that I have planned, but no time yet to do)

😎Thanks all, for now, see you soon🤬

Services I have worked on or providing

Blurt Alternative Frontend -
Blurt Wallet Alternative Frontend -
Blurt RPC -
Blurt witness Node - @tekraze
Blurt Recovery tool -

​You can support me by giving a vote to my Blurt Witness as I am doing dev work, Hosting an RPC, and now frontend.
If you really want me to be here on this platform, only your witness vote can help me, so feel free to do this by clicking on the below link

Follow me on my social networks

Tekraze Blog
Instagram Personal
Instagram Blog account
Instagram Gaming Account
Youtube Gaming
Tekraze on Medium
Dehazelabs on Medium

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These are wonderful projects. Weldone!! 😀

You are great 👍
This post is very popular and simple.@tekraze

I'm trying to figure out how to put My avatar in - it's just that generic one now. But I see Some have them.

Avtar can be added in the wallet.

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Thank You so much!

Wow am super excited.
I can freely use emojis to support my posts now 🦸🦸

Vwey nice and good posting 😘

As nice as this may be the Blurt frontend seem to have some serious problems. Most notable that the newest postings disappear. If I refresh my profile my newest posting show up for a second and then it's gone. I noticed a similar effect on the NEW stream.

Do change RPC in settings

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Super fantastic

😍🤗 Very nice !!!

Congratulations @tekraze you are doing a great work I'm a big fan... Please read my new post about mental knowledge 😃😃😃😃

Congratulations @tekraze I am new to this platform How are you .thank you very much You bring us new updates .from which we benefit greatly .and we get to learn a lot .

This is really amazing! I can now express myself more with this new feature. It's easier to say how I feel with emojis than ordinary words. Nice job @tekraze

Man... Congratulations @tekraze for nailing this. The first time I saw the option in my post editor, I was excited and I know that this new development will make it more fun to be here.

Thanks for a job well done

You're doing a great job
Thanks for always working to improve blurt
I love the emojis 😘

Congratulations @tekraze great idea I love emoji. Great job. The Blurt platform has been advancing and I love how it works. I look forward to more innovations. Regards

Thanks for your work! 😀👍

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I used emoji for the first time today.
The issue was very enjoyable🥰

So nice feature you have added paji! It will help so many users in our our platform.

Why not develop your own smile. Just hire a smile maker. Like the Avatar in Blurt. that's something unique to me. This smile is good too. However, if the Blurt party develops their own smile, it's even cooler.🤬



It's really new. Thank you for showing me how to add it.

I don't care what anyone says emojis make the world a better place 😀

Well Done !!

That's great @tekraze with the emojis. I'm impressed, I'm quite sure you've got more stuffs coming.

I noticed the Emoji addition! I love emojis, I use them quite often 😀
This saves me from having to cut and paste from my messenger app 😅

Well done and thank you 👍

This came in good time.🤸🤸
I love using Emojis alot.
Like... It helps me express and communicate how I really feel at the moment.
Good development 👏
The sacrosanctity of Improvements and new developments can never be overemphasized!👌
Keep it up!👏👏

The smile button extends downwards, very difficult to use.

clear cache and then use

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I really really love this new features. You are the best. Thank you.

Thank you, your post has been upvoted by @blurttribe.

Curated manually by @obikay

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Yes, I just saw it. That is very fun. I no longer need to turn on the keyboard display on the computer screen to add emojis to posts. Thanks, you always seem to understand what Blurt users need. 👏🤝

Estuve observando está actualización hoy, me parece brillante lo de incorporar emojis.

WAW !!!! This is Extremely WONDERFUL
Sir, Your Work is 100% Valid. Bravo!!!!!

This is great! 😃 Thank you!

Very empresive
Thank you @tekraze

I like this feature. Thank you @tekraze.... 👍

This is great to really express what you really feel like😜😀

Very good. Now I don't need to copy emojis from somewhere else. Thank you for your work!👍

If positive developments like this continue to occur from day to day, soon the blurt platform will go to the moon..🚀 Thank you 🤗🤗

I saw this and I was super excited 😀. Thank you for your hardwork and dedication on this blockchain 😇

Very good progress. Keep improving. If you can smile more regularly. Good luck to the Blurt developers.

That's nicely, thank you! :D

Thank you @tekraze for building us a frontend. We have been waiting for a long time to start our own frontend and now you have made our dreams come true. 🥰

Money money Thank to all developer.Nice to see this development.😘

Blurting with emojis made easy. Blurt is definitely the future and thanks to you and the entire dev team. 🙌

Wow.. You never stops make our lovely become better. Thank you very much for your update. Very appreciate your hard work.

Hello sir how are you. Its very good to add emoji.its use in posting is very good.its good sign.i appreciate you. Thank you very much

thanks for the update which is very useful and makes it simple for someone to express feelings in every post with emoji👍

This is great, I like to use an emoji after every line and you just made it easy for me 😇

🥶nice updates paaji😍

I was so happy when I saw this post. This kind of work can be seen in every platform but unfortunately it was not seen in our blurt peletfarm. For this we had to talk to the lay people. Till I have seen this post. I thank @tekraze and his team for doing this great work.👍

😜😀Wow, this is great. Thanks for these updates and the ones we can't see. Plus all the support you are giving to other projects to make our front ends great too. 👏

You have added an important feature to our beautiful chain. Emojis are available in my phone but happy for those users who have no option to apload them.
Oh wait... I wanted to place the comment but when I checked emoji option, I found it so super. Many of them are missing in my phone. Thank you bro this excellent job!

@opidia see, he is surely not from 1995 or 1998 😝

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🙄 ( emoji from my tablet )


Now I understand why we run out of coffee so quickly at the store. You're taking it all with so much work lol.
I love knowing that we can count on emojis, because it is a way of expressing ourselves and being able to color comments with energy.
Thank you for your dedication and always good cheer. Congratulations on this progress.
Good vibes.😘😜

Hahaha, I need to drink coffee, as there is a meme that says coffee in code out.


Note: Nothing said here is true, but i may survive on tea

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

@saboin and @rekraze
I have one more request.
Maybe it is very little work for you guys.
But for me it would be a big improvement.
I often vote 5% in the pub. But also with 3% or 10%.
If I set a percentage with the mouse, then this value remains preset for the next vote.
But it is very difficult to adjust with the mouse. It is a dithering 😀
So I am very glad that you can also set the value with the arrow keys.
But unfortunately this value is not used as default for the next vote.
You have to set the value again and again.
Would it be possible to correct this without much effort?

But but but buuuuuuuuut HE SPEAKS ENGLISH 🤗

Yes, it stays the same, as refreshing every time will either be 0 or 100. But if the same value used previously is set, the user can control that. But I will see if I can add something to help you use it better.

I will experiment with those changes

Posted from

Please test a bit first so you can understand exactly what I meant.
Or do you still need examples from me?

Oh, fine! The smiley button is so much better positioned!

Yepp i got it, but you can provide example if you have a specific use case
Or you can also share on discord

Posted from

If you select a value with the round small buttons 10 / 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 and vote, this selected value is also preset for the next vote.

But, for example, if you set 7% with the arrow buttons, this value will be used for the vote. But for the next vote, the value that was previously selected with the mouse is preset again.

Got it, so the selected value stays, but not custom values.

Posted from

Hi @tekraze,
is this work not so easy to do after all?

Hi, I was working on other things, so I haven't checked this yet. Not difficult, but i need to test carefully before i push to production

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If you had set the custom value with the mouse, it will remain.

But if you set it with the arrow keys on the keyboard, it will not be preserved.

But making a setting with the mouse is very very jittery ;-)

You're right sir! This feature is not available in our platform. If it is added, the big account holders will have option to vote as default for the next vote. I also think it will be no big issue to solve for these so talented guys. Thank you for raising your request here!

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Thanks for the curation

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Thank you very much!

I have a question:
If I create a link on, for example for my categories, this link will not work on the alternative frontends.
Or am I wrong?
At least my link will always bring the user of the alternative frontend back to Right?

Would relative, not absolute, links work?

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

If you paste this link (from the comments link)

This will take you to the same frontend, does not matter whichever frontend you click from.

But if you do post link like this, removing main url



it will work for the same front end without redirecting to another front.

So, first, one link is absolute and another is relative and you can use any as your choice.


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Thanks for curation

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👍Hey it is great I like emojis!! Thanks. Good team!😀

congratulations @tekraze
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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💪 powerfull

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Thanks friend

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Wow.... I love emojis and GIFs and stickers. With these emojis, Blurt just got a lot more interesting. Thanks for your hard work @tekraze.

😍🎉🚀OMG this so legend!!! Great work as usual! I love how it keeps your favourite emoji's.

Yepp favorite emojis are a nice feature to use 😀

Posted from

🤭🤭🤭🤭 Amazing! I love the feature you added so much because I'm an emoji lover 😍 I'm so going to make use of this feature very well, well done to you sir.

I haven't tried the other platforms yet since I'm busy loving 🙈 but I'll check them out, still new to a lot of things though.

Thanks for the update sir

What you mean better ? ...
The emojis are already in my phone / tablet ... and i just saw that new addition and i have to say it is annoying because i want to hit the post comment button and i have to step over the add emoji button ...could have been on the side by side or not here at all . But at least i see you are having fun 😃

Lol, you can keep using your mobile emojis. The emoji button is for desktops without emoji.
And some users may have old phones with old emojis, so they can also use that.

And there were other updates, not visible to a user 😅

Posted from

Oh i see , understood 🙂
Then thank you for the ones who have phones from 1985
Updates not visible to the users ? Like sexy stuff ?

What is it you want me to do for the frontend ?
And will i have any candies redoing that ?

Lol 🤣 what to do about your sarcasm.

Well the main page that come upon first visit to new people.
Just that can be better.
No hurries, but if you anytime get idea.

Posted from

Niiiicceee 😍😎

WooooooW!!!!! I really love this feature😁😍🤩 Thank you so much @tekraze for this. It is wonderful.