Sunday funday quiz

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Sorry for the slightly late promo but this week I’ve been pretty busy with real life stuff!
We all know the drill now on the quiz and if not I’ll explain it when you join :D

This week we will be starting at 5 pm Utc on Sunday over on telegram channel.
The current prize stands at 500 liquid blurt 300 donated by myself and 200 by @world-travel-pro from his winnings last week.

So far @world-travel-pro is the leading champion with two weeks under his belt. Can anyone take his victory or can he make it 3 weeks in a row.

As always any donations to the quiz fund go directly to the prize!

Next week I will be visiting my family in the countryside and the WiFi is very poor so I’ll be handing over the hosting mantle to someoen else to be announced.

And here is the quiz from last week!
See you Sunday

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Hi, @ultravioletmag I just sent you 100 blurt for the prize of Sunday quiz. Sorry I'm a bit late hehe. You can add it for this week or next week. Your decision :)


It's about that time of the week again.. I can't wait.... I think the winners for the show have been in this sequence

  1. @junglegirl
  2. @chibuzorwisdom
  3. @world-travel-pro
    So when you said three weeks in a roll that got me thinking.... Is there anyone I missed?

I think wisdom suffered with the connection last week and being a bit distracted but he can go for it this week on telegram !

That's true, hopefully I'll also be more competitive this time

It would be nice to see someone new win. I haven’t wrote any questions yet 😵

You have been very busy like you said... Hopefully the questions will be simpler this time

world travel pro won the first in a way but donated the prize to jungle girl, then wisdom won then world travel won week 3, if wisdom wins this week it's neck and neck.

Yeah! You're right in a way,, I was just talking about "three times in a roll"... There was a break from Wisdom so it's no longer in a roll.

Funny , but not for me ,.. but can understand why people do join .
Your all having a good time there ,. so why not ,.. have fun .

Besides that , i like how the quiz gives reason not to use the mute button .. ;-)

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Besides that , i like how the quiz gives reason not to use the mute button .. ;-)

Nice one. 😄

Wohoo. Finally, posted. That was really awesome. One of the best one. The best recording so far. ☺