Are you unvaxed? Did you question the safety of Vaccinations?

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They tried to do this in México aswell but didn't go through. Now an entire section of police forces has been replaced by the national gaurd. All "for our protection". Don't fall for it. Fascism has never been so blatantly obvious.

Once you recognize that governments are nothing more than organized mafias, that the masses view them as legitimate unfortunately, your lives can start to be more realistic. Leading to better decisions and more people looking for positions that doesn't involve being dependent on them.

There is a way. But during the transition, they are going to come and get you and attempt to stop you. Telling you that going offgrid for example is illegal and dangerous. It's a lie for it your right to be independent.

It doesn't matter how many laws they cite or if they use the constitution against you. It doesn't apply to you unless you let them. And they know that. And they count on your ignorance of the Legal-speak to pull the carpet from under you.


Were next.


Australian Government presents the Safeguard Mechanism: Honest ads


Once the fascist wolves break down your home little pig, they will come across those that won't have anything to lose and refuse to comply and let themselves be arrested and have their freedoms stripped from them.

"The house of the fourth pig was made from the skulls of wolves. It wasn't strong, but it sent a strong message"

Ok enough of that.

Seems to me blurts reward pool is on a steady decrease. What once was at a level when 10kBP equalled to 1.sumtn BLURT on a 100%power vote, is now half that since the price dropped.

The signs point towards more heavy votes and big powerdowns by whale accounts. No big deal there when its fair and its yours to do so as you please, but there is still the fact of a certain couple of whale accoubts that obtained their stake through theft through the power of code.

That is right, you read that correctly.

I call it stolen because it was not obtained in a manner that was fair or just. It was obtained by creating fake stake then curation to obtain real blurt then THAT real blurt was powered up and sold after the fake stake has been removed. You can thabk megadrive for that. His excuse was to protect the chain from hostile takeover. Something that I see as unlikely as justin sun has proved that to be not as profitable business decision on his own part in the log run, Hence why he left shorting steemit in shambles.

Don't be fooled by the bots voting up your content. It's not about you earning but for them, or more precisely, himself. His words mean nothing when his actions state exactly what I am saying. Self votes, circle jerking, muting for censorship to whoever questions him.

We seen that happen too.

Not waiting for him to do the right thing like return whats left of the stolen reward pool. No such thing as honest thieves.

But nothing to see here folks. Don't question it or else it's a "narrative".

The evidence on the chain is quite clear. Look into the history of blurt. Many have written over this already. The question is, why are you not questioning it?


Learning to win in court jas never been so easy and cheap. Save $ on court fees and lawyers bogus charges. Force them to comply to your demands using their game rules against them. They are required to, your not. Hold them accountable.


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Keep on questioning everything... its all bullshit

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Than we shal make fertilizer

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I always questioned it ,.. Blurt has become a social credit system run by blind mice . Blinded by glitter and gold ,. that will be always out of reach .
Dream on , dream on , dream on ,... dream on ,. just keep dreaming .
Sleep well Blurt ,. and die in peace .