Dream escape. The king at the end of the world.

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Behold a short real experience. A true story that wasn't real but did happen in a previous life. A small awakening from the deep, in the great beyond.

Remembering back, there was a place where the sky was also the ground. It was what I saw when I looked up. It was as if I was watching the map of many kilometers across, beyond what the eye could see, on ground, hovering above me, reflecting back what was around me.

I got into a ground vehicle, started it and proceeded driving down a terrain that was familiar at the time. I banked right down into a dried naturally made canal with treeline coverage. Ahead of me, the walls separated and the floor below me turned into islands. I was flying now.

I arrived at a strange village and everyone seemed scared of what was to come. They didnt know where to go. They all scattered across this world for a safety. I took their abandoned castle.

My brother sat on a chair to the left side me when it happened. A silence was heard outside. Then, the water that ended us all. The water turned into light. It gave me a fright but now awakened and alive we now, because dead is what we were, and we proceeded forward, materialized, like a beam of the sun shining on through an opened window.

Many still lost, chasing false dreams, staying exactly the same. Footed lightly in fake happiness, inside a dream within a dream that is also within another dream, where all share the same fate.


Don't cut your own wings off just yet, there is still an opportunity to win in your favor.

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