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We live 600m from the beach in a town called Kommetjie on the Cape Peninsula of South Africa (the very tip of Africa) and we get to walk along this river to the beach most days. It’s rustic and beautiful and maybe not typically African, but it’s everything that we love about living here.


I found this feather on the beach and loved its simplicity and the colouring of it lying against the white sand of the beach. It’s most probably a Seagull feather, although I may be wrong. Luckily the breeze didn’t carry it away before I could capture it.


Here you can see some more of Long Beach. Our local spot. I love the effect of some strangers footprints in the sand ahead of us and the many seagulls ahead sitting in the waves.

On the walk home along the river I spotted these two “African Christmas Trees”. They are sought after at Christmas time and sprayed painted white! We stick to a more traditional Christmas tree but I love seeing these in nature in their home. They will probably soon die and then be chopped down from the plant below.


Further up the path we walk along the reeded river. In the late winter and early spring the reeds are covered in birds nests - I’m yet to get a good photo of them - maybe next season as it’s currently our summer here.


The sandy path continues through some bush. I always make a quick walk through this section because I’m not a fan of snakes although it’s probably silly.

Then we reach the next section of river now running through our neighbourhood. From here my chihuahua knows his way home. The long shadows showing the late time of day.



We are blessed to be surrounded by nature, mountains, rivers, beaches and a lot of ocean. I’ll post some more soon.

Hope you liked it!

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