The picture of my darling wife Sophia the woman that stood by me side by side.

in blurtafrica •  2 months ago 

the picture of a woman after my heart and a woman who fight side by side with me to make sure we climb the mountain top together.

I mate her in my secondary school days, that time I am just a guy very naive am not having anything in my mind other than study my books and make a good result that's it.

one day I am just down I go to school very down am not feeling happy at all so I decided to go and seat alone outside may be I might have fresh air.

I am outside all alone then I heard someone foot coming towards me so I just decide to look and see who is coming towards me behold I saw her very beautiful she dress nice she is looking decent in her school uniform, she greeted with soft voice hello I reply Hi how are u she said fine and you I reply fine, but she said no is not fine with you what is going on? I say to her that seriously even me I don't know what is going on with me I am not feeling happy at all she smiled at me and sat with me and she talk to me in love and she keep me company at that moment and before we could realize the breakfast time is over she ran back to her class she is my junior.
as I go back to class I keep thinking about her she is moving in my mind that's how I started dating my wife Sophia and now she is a blessing to me.

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