Burkina Faso, Some artistic edits to some not very good original shots

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I took a quick trip to Burkina Faso in 2014. I spent a couple of days scooting around Ouagadougou on motor bike and then to a few surrounding villages and sites which I have posted on before. While on the back of the motor bike I snapped a lot of pics but as we were on they fly and this camera was an older digital camera even back then the results were not that spectacular.

So I took a few of these pictures and did some exaggerated edits on them and almost gave them a painted feel. I could imagine that they would look good printed on large canvases.

Let me know what you think of the pictures and the edits.

Shot with a Canon Eos Rebel.

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The world of photography is exciting; You certainly didn't get perfect shots, but I agree with you that you would look spectacular sketched on canvas and painted in oils. Being a landlocked country, I imagine it is difficult to find water. How many days exactly was your trip on that occasion? Did you carry water on the motorcycle for that trip or was it easy to buy?

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I was there in June I believe so it was in the rainy season. There were lakes, and small reservoirs around. As for drinking water there are little shops and things along the way I think we took stops and got water. I probably had a couple of bottles of water in my back pack though. I really can't remember all that well so it must not have been much of a problem. And there was always beer to nightly hydration.

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