Preparing Ogbonor Soup With Bitterleaf

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At the point when we discuss ogbono, you quickly ponder the draw soup. This soup is famous in Nigeria, most particularly in the southeastern district. Truth be told, the ogbono seeds - utilized in cooking the soup - were first filled in south eastern Nigeria.

The vast majority cook ogbono without vegetables be that as it may, there's a ton to acquire from adding veggies to the soup. Here, I'll walk you through the most common way of cooking ogbono soup with harsh leaf - also known as, onugbu, ewuro, etidot, among other neighborhood names.

Fixings you'll require

Coming up next are the fixings you'll have to plan ogbono soup with harsh leaf:

Ogbono seeds. It's ideal to buy currently the grounded one and one cup is sufficient
Dried fish
Arranged meat. The best meat for this sort of soup is hamburger yet you can likewise utilize kpomo




Red palm oil
Preparing shapes. You can utilize knorr and four shapes ought to do
Yellow habanero pepper. Ogbono soup needn't bother with to be pepperish so one piece of this pepper is sufficient
Stockfish. However much you'll very much want to incorporate

Unpleasant leaves. The unpleasant leafs ought to be very much washed before use
Nearby flavoring, ogiri okpei (discretionary)

Cooking realities

Getting ready ogbono soup with harsh leaf can take some time. This is on the grounds that ogbono takes more time to cook and the time is considerably longer when you incorporate the planning time. What's more, it very well may be a precarious soup to plan on the off chance that you're not a customary cook.

As a matter of some importance, ensure your ogbono seeds are grounded. In the event that you can't get grounded ogbono on the lookout, you can crush them yourself - completely - with a solid blender. Then, you ought to precook (steam) your meat and fish utilizing water, pepper, and onions. Keep the water you get from pre-cooking your meat as you'll utilize it.

Cooking directions

On the off chance that you follow the underneath bit by bit cooking directions, you'll wind up with a delectable pot of ogbono and unpleasant leaf soup:

Set a perfect pot ablaze and set your oven or gas to low intensity. Pour in your palm oil and permit it to liquefy. Try not to allow the palm to oil bubble; switch off the intensity once it liquefies

Add your established ogbono and let it break down into the oil. You can utilize your cooking spoon to help the disintegration
Once the ogbono totally broke down into the oil, then, at that point, add the water you got from pre cooking your meat and fish (meat stock)
Turn the intensity to low and mix ceaselessly. Right now, as you mix, the ogbono ought to start to thicken and draw
Keep blending until the meat stock and the ogbono totally blend then pour in some major trouble. Note, do whatever it takes not to utilize cold water except if in tiny amount
You can add somewhat more and more water until you get an optimal soup surface. This while, your intensity ought to be set to low so your soup doesn't consume
Permit the soup to stew. This ought to require around 20 minutes and as you stand by, mix the pot each 2 to 3 minutes. As you mix, guarantee you scratch the lower part of the pot for any ogbono that sticks there
Toward the finish of the 20 minutes, you ought to see the exquisite fragrance of all around cooked ogbono


Pour in your various meat, dried fish, and stockfish. Likewise add your salt, pepper, preparing 3D squares, and ogiri okpei if accessible
If the ogbono soup is excessively thick, you can add somewhat more and mix completely
Cover the pot and cook for a couple of moments until the soup is stretchy and thick
Add your washed unpleasant leaves and mix well overall
Cover the pot and let the soup cook for around 5 minutes more

Switch off the intensity and partake in your soup

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