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The high-pitched crow of the cock “cock-a-doodle-dooooo" whizzed through the window, Elias sluggishly drew up his fuzzy blanket and threw it upon his face to curtail the thick sound of the rooster. He murmured as he turned to his side and after twitching he found his way back to his dreams happily.

In his dreams, he was led by an eerie voice whispering gently through the wind, Elias was nervous and wanted to go back home.
Strangely, the wind took hold of his movements like he was manipulated by it, the voice became clearer and familiar, he found himself going deeper into the enchanted woods, as he struggled to change the course of movement everything seemed futile, his willpower was taken and he began sobbing. His fate got worse when he saw glitches of a human figure emerge from the wood and vanish in a second leaving behind evil laughter that echoed further into the woods. Elias hollered in frustration and everything stopped when his sister drew out the blanket.

He groans as the morning sun warmly kissed him directly on his face, “Stephanie thank you” he said.

What's that?... Stephanie asked!

By the way, mom is calling you downstairs for breakfast, hurry up!!... Stephanie added.

Stephanie slammed the door behind her as she walked down the stairway!

His best friend “Stephan” was seated at the dining table. Shortly, Stephanie joined in, and they both exchanged sweet pleasantries with her admirer before sitting down, and so did Elias who was surprised to see his friend “Stephan” joining them. He knew he was after his sister!.

Stephan is his friend but he doesn't want him mingling with his only sister “Stephanie” because of his sophisticated and reckless behavior. After multiple warnings and threats to his sister, their bond grows stronger.

Intro of Stephan & Stephanie!

Stephan and Stephanie came from a dark world filled with witchcraft, clairvoyants, and warlocks!

Stephan is a warlock who fell in love with Stephanie but because of the disagreement within their clans, they both decided to come to the earth and live forever together. They both had a blood covenant not to ever separate and no one will ever do that to them, they were inextricably intertwined. They both came to the earth in a baby form, Stephan with his powers manipulated the mind of Mr. Gerrard and that was how he was brought in and adopted and so he did for Stephanie his beloved. Elias's mom lost her pregnancy to a car accident when Elias was just 2years old and it damaged her uterus. Her husband wanted a girl child, and they both agreed to adopt a girl, Mr. Gerrard the neighbor introduced her to where he got Stephan and they adopted Stephanie. They both only interacted properly in the dark world until they grew up!

Back to the dining room, after much discussion which was after eating breakfast, Stephanie escorted Stephan outside, she kissed him passionately. Elias saw the scenario because he peeped through the window blind and was pacing to and fro as he awaits her, and as soon as she came in, he pounced on her telling her that he would likely use her as well as he did to other girls, instead of listening she walked away ignoring his ill advice. After that night of encounter with his sister he had numerous horrible nightmares which were so terrifying, most times he can't explain because when he does, he is seen as a maniac.

Elias's mom had a quick transfer to the city to complete project work for the company, she instructed Elias to take care of his sister and she also told Stephan to handle Stephanie with care and respect while she will be away for a few days! Elias took this as an opportunity to control Stephanie's movement and all of the rest but little did he know that he was playing with danger! His nightmare repeated and this time he was trapped. He saw himself at that same spot, he was frightened and the same evil laughter replayed and echoed at the same time but this time it was close to him. The leaves rustled, there was a movement behind it but it cooled off, just as he was about to lay down his guard, that womanly figure appeared and was moving towards him with speed, his eyes darted below at the strange feet, what he saw sent shivers down his spine.

It had a tornado whirling feet with wind gushing blowing off dry leaves, he found his strength and began running. Astoundingly, He was running back and forth until the womanly figure got so close and let out a burst of loud laughter, Elias shrieked and fell forcefully crawling to nowhere in particular but looking for an escape route.

He crawled to a certain distance, a strange fire gushed out where he was headed, he turned sideways to the north, the same strange fire. He hurried towards the direction of the east and west but the degree in which the strange fire omitted made him stagger backward, now he was stuck in the middle, and Elias was trembling and mumbling.

The strange faceless woman walked around the fire raging in outrage and bitterness. Her pace was so hard that the earth shook, it seemed to Elias she was waiting for something or perhaps someone. In a moment, there was a long fiercely screech like that of a lion echoing from a distance through the woods, ransacking the trees and pulling them down as the roaring monster arrives close to the fire, another one..... he stammered. He gazed as they penetrated through the fire without harm and walked inside. Elias has to confront his fears because there was no escape...

what have I done!?!?... please don't kill he narrates in fear and confusion.

He continues lamenting fearfully... I have a Lil sister to take care of, please! if you hurt me I can't take care of her, my mom will be devastated pleasssss!!!! his face positioned down and resting on his knees he cried out bitterly.

The warlock and his sorceress stood in his presence and watched him plead, he groaned. Elias looked up to know why he groaned, he witnessed the inevitable happen before him as he watched as the warlock and sorceress transformed into Stephan and Stephanie, Elias was dumbfounded. Stephan gave him a stern look and told him that his next torment would be worse than this experience if he didn't accept that he would be with Stephanie. Stephan said to him in a frustrating tone ... “ You won't be an obstacle in this world to me, mere mortal man!! ”

Elias was astonished but Stephanie told him that he shouldn't stand in their way and narrated the ordeals that happened in the dark world, how they came to earth patiently waiting for this day and that things would not be threaded lightly if he didn't back off.

“only if”... ... Elias interrupted.

Only If you told me all of these while Stephanie, this would have been thwarted.

Seriously?!?! ... Stephanie said furiously and in the course of explaining to him, she scratched him with her long pointy fingers and he screamed in pain and woke up, he felt pain. He quickly discovered where it was hurting him, he was amazed and he realized it was the same scratch by Stephanie. He laid back down roaming in thoughts if this was a dream or reality, it was so surreal. He came down from his bed sweating profusely and ran to Stephanie's room to talk to her but she was sleeping, he kissed her on the forehead and said: “I am sorry Stephy”.

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{the shadows that left me to struggle in the dark}




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Gracias mi amigo!
I appreciate

This is scary and very interesting. People like this still exist, they are mostly people who reincarnated those who are gone, and most of them do promise to return to earth after death, perhaps they might have died out of pain and never fulfilled their purposes. This is why it is not good to intrude in people's privacy or being over protective over them, let love find it way. Thanks i enjoyed reading your story.

Exactly 💯

A word of advice can go better but being overprotective doesn't work for Stephanie!
I'm happy you enjoyed reading this story and thanks for your beautiful comment!

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