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In a world where there is happiness and sadness
I am happy with no sadness to come through
Sadness is my happiness
One would call my happiness sadness but it is not


Who laughs at an ordeal?
Who cries in the middle of a joyous moment?
Welcome to the mysterious self that I am
It's unknown to me why I do that




In reality, I'm not just mysterious
A weirdo that sees beyond the unknown
Telling a funny joke at a funeral
Talking about death to a sick one


Living life like I'm dead
Living dead like I'm alive
Life taught me that ruthlessly
Why spare a time to cry at the death of a loved one?
Death happened


Why spare a time to laugh at the joy of a human?
Life is short, death incoming
Humans must die, I'm a living dead already
Waiting for the worse death can do


No smiles but there is joy in my half beating heart
Thinking into the future I know nothing about
Taking things as they come leading into a future of mystery


Life and death is a mystery
Mystery is unknown and mysterious
No fear, no relent, no time
Living dead is the way out


When life happens, I die
When death happens, I live
When joy comes, I cry
When pain hits, I laugh
No time to act otherwise
The unknown must happen



A poem trying to tell how much importance it is that we know while life happens and seem fair, lovely, beautiful and for us... Death isn't to be forgotten because it may just be closer than it seems.

No need to fear death, instead fear life leaving you to death. Life can be a cheat sometimes but it will surely appear as the best thing that could happen to anyone.

The unknown in all this is what life hides away from us when we are happy (Death). Death is unknown until it happens and takes you on a mystery you had never imagined going on, it's an adventure of no return.

This is my entry for the blurtainment poetry contest, you are invited to participate too. You don't have to be a poet first 😌

Thanks for reading!!!

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nice and beautiful poetry and full of meaning

Thanks so much @darmianto5

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