New Art Generated With A Photo And Starry AI - Demon Possessed Doll Freaks!!

in blurtart •  4 months ago 

Awhile back I was collecting photos of different dolls and figurines. At my friends house they had a few displays so I took a few photos. Recently went to the thrift store and they had a few dolls and figurines around and I photographed them. I finally decided to make a first collage art photo of them with the purpose of warping them with AI! Got some okay results so far. I only used starry ai for these. I will probably expand some of them later. I put the photo strength fairly hard on some photos so they matched the original fairly well. Want to turn down the photo strength later, I ran out of credits. Here is the AI approximation of the original collage. Will post a couple pics

I want to try this again as I like how the ai warps and changes some objects into different things. I want make new photo collages and some physical dioramas to make some more scenes. Here are some more of the creepy dolls that came out well.

I love to experiment with the prompts and change the characters into different things! Some of these photos I may use to have more fun with.

I'm looking forward to continuing on with strange other worldly art and make some music in the next days!!

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