Cricket is not played with words, Kamran Akmal

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Islamabad (Urdu Point Newspaper Latest - Online. July 30, 2022) National cricketer Kamran Akmal says that he does not get a place in the T20 World Cup squad of the national team. Icon player of Bagh Stallions Kamran Akmal while talking to the media said that cricket fans are very enthusiastic about Kashmir Premier League, KPL is thinking to improve the quality of the tournament by playing good cricket in this event.

He said that it is not easy to score 70, 80 runs in each innings because cricket is not played with words, to play good cricket, hard work is required in grand. The national cricketer said that he did not think about the T20 World Cup scheduled in Australia. , I don't get my place in the T20 World Cup squad, no one can replace Rizwan in T20, now if a wicket keeper batsman will play T20 then he will play as a specialist batsman. Kamran Akmal further said that the T20 World Cup squad should not be selected on the basis of friendship, it should be selected on merit depending on the conditions of Australia.


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