Some photographs of sunlight taken from rocks and some benefits of the sun.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
I hope all of you friends are fine by the grace of Allah, so friends I am here to talk to you about a new topic. So you all do something every day, today I'm talking about some of your photography, that is, some photography in situations where the sun can be seen on the edge of the stone. Maybe everyone will like these photographs.



What we have to look at is to give our pictures nicely and keep the pictures nicely so that later these pictures will look nice and look nice. You are the light of the sun, without which nothing is possible. Sunlight offers many benefits. Some notable benefits are:



Sunlight produces vitamin D in the skin, which maintains bone and marrow health. Sunlight creates a quality improvement for the breath and improves mental health. Sunlight acts as a source of vitamin C, which boosts immunity and cleanses the body's blood. But we use sunlight as we see fit.

Sunlight is used in medical fields, such as the early treatment of goiter or diseases caused by exposure to sunlight. Sunlight acts as the main source of life and provides essential nutrients for plants and fruits. Electricity is generated from sunlight using solar panels.
Which is helpful for reducing the environmental impact as well as using the generated electricity. Sunlight is used in various educational programs, such as supplying electricity to universities or scientific institutions in different parts of the world with the power of the sun. So friends, as of today, everyone will be fine, God bless Hafez.

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