English cookies in the Serbian way

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I thought about whether the title of the post should be "my son's favorite cookies" or "English cookies", but I still did not dare to call them "English" because I believe that they are different from the cookies that are originally made in the beautiful country of England. 😊 So I decided to add "in the Serbian way" to the title. 😊 In addition to trying to be English, these cookies are my son's favorite cookies he has been asking me to make them for days and today I finally found enough time.

They are the best-smelling cookies I have ever made and my family loves when our home smells like them.


To prepare these cookies, first of all, you need to mix the dry ingredients: 15 tablespoons of flour, 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 2 bags of vanilla sugar, 1 bag of baking powder, a pinch of salt, and two tablespoons of cocoa.


Then you need to mix all the ingredients well and add 120g of margarine or butter and knead the mixture with your fingers until a loose mixture is made.



It should look like this.


Add 150ml of yogurt to that mixture and then all the other ingredients.


One carrot.


Grate the carrot or chop it into small pieces.


100g of blueberries or cranberries or any berry you like. I put blueberries this time.


I love the colors of this cake and the combination of ingredients.


And now - chocolate. My favorite ingredient even though I tell the kids that carrot is the best ingredient. 😊


Chop the chocolate into small pieces and add it to the mixture.


Then start mixing all the ingredients.


Mix them well to make a compact mixture that should look like this.


Scoop out the mixture with a spoon and shape it into flat balls. Do not get annoyed because the mixture will be sticky. 😊


Put a little flour on the palms of your hands or on a surface to make it easier to shape the cookies. Place the cookies on baking paper and bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.


You will enjoy the beautiful aromas during baking and when they are baked, you won't be able to wait for them to cool down, as I couldn't wait either, so I tried them right away and enjoyed the combination of juicy blueberries and dark chocolate.



They don't look very attractive from the outside, but when you taste them inside, you can't resist. 😊




Thank you very much for reading.

The images and writing are original and mine.



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jeleena good to see you here. I follow you from now on, a big hug and all my support. I wish I could try those delicious cookies hehehe.

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