Good morning with fake oat/veggie meatballs 🍛 Guten morgen mit fake Hackballis aus Hafer und Gemüse ENG/GER

in blurtchef •  2 months ago 

Good morning to all of you fabulous Blurtarians! 🤬

Just the other day, I cooked a quick and dirty dish, consisting of fake oat/veggie meatballs, soy sauce, honey, garlic, onions and herbs with rice on the side.

It was really yummy and no animal died for my meal!

Guten Morgen an alle fabelhaften Blurtarianer! 🤬

Erst neulich habe ich ein schnelles und schmutziges Gericht gekocht, bestehend aus fake Hafer-/Veggie-Fleischbällchen, Sojasauce, Honig, Knoblauch, Zwiebeln und Kräutern mit Reis an der Seite.

Es war wirklich lecker und kein Tier ist für mein Essen gestorben!

If you like, please take a moment to vote for my witness. It would be much appreciated :


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I see those garlic chunks, you fiend.

What can I say... I'm a garlic phreak! 🧄

We are too, no worries there! My mouth is emanating it right now, after that lunch we just had LOL
Katie likes her hummus GARLICKY. I don't normally eat much hummus, but we had a really tasty veggie wrap thing... damn :P It was filling, but so tasty that I think I'm hungry again already :D

Why the honey? Were you feeling bitter that day? 😆

It takes the saltiness out of the soy sauce... Absolutely awesome! 🤤