A few words about earning money through illegal means and its consequences.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Dear friends, Good morning and congratulations on this foggy morning. I hope you all are well, I am also well by the grace of Allah.

Earning money by dishonest means and its dire consequences.


We need money from children to old people. However, even if we need money until we reach puberty, we don't have to earn this money, our parents support them, that is, they provide this money. After that, it is possible to use your own money throughout your life. Besides, there are some other people who do not have money themselves, in old age they have to take money from their sons and daughters, that is, they have to depend on their sons and daughters. This is actually true.


When we earn this money, it is possible to earn in two ways. One is the right and honest way. The other is the wrong way. Money earned by honest means is called white money and money earned by dishonest means is called black money.
I will share with you some things about the use of money earned in dishonest ways, i.e. living with that money and the self-satisfaction and ease of using that money and the consequences of bad money, inshallah you will stay with me. Read the full post.


Let's talk about the sources of Asad money. Money that cannot be earned with legitimate fear i.e. money earned through socially and religiously prohibited means is called black money earned through dishonest means. Ill-earned money i.e. black money is spread like a net in our family, private, social and state affairs. We start with personal life. If we look around us, we can see different types of people from different professions living in our family society. For example, let's talk about politicians first. Or leaders, party leaders. They do politics i.e. party only to earn money to achieve their own interests. Most of the politicians choose politics as a career as a means of earning money. And coming to this profession, they become owners of large amount of black money. For example, if someone is a member. Some relief and some projects come to him as a source of money, but the government gives allowances such as old age allowance, freedom fighter allowance etc. But these members do not give relief to the poor, they embezzle. They extort money from every senior citizen by blackmailing them for issuing senior citizen allowance card. After that, the projects that come under him are using that money without working even one percent of the project. There is no accountability in that regard, the member earned black money.


After that, the chairman earns the same money in the same way. After that, if we come to the teachers, we will present two or four examples from our experience, inshallah. I met a teacher, I will not name him. He collects money from the students by promising to copy them in the exam hall. If they read the exam duty, then the student freely looks at the book and writes, but he does not say anything. That means he took the money. He has almost sold his teaching profession. His ideals, his morals, the principles of his noble profession of teaching are lost to money. Also, those who are the head of the organization consume various money in the organization in various unfair ways, these are black money.


If we talk about government employees such as land office, primary teachers office, passport office, DC office and police force, the amount of money they collect from people i.e. bribe or coercion, needless to say, they all earn black money. doing Then let's go to the Minister Minister how many thousands of crores of rupees they are earning illegally i.e. they are consuming the state resources illegally and they are smuggling that money abroad again, these are all black money.


However, many individuals in our family, private society and state are directly involved in many corporate interests. Many are openly trading children Frogs are trading interest There are many people who are openly involved in this usury business. The wealth that is being acquired is black money i.e. haram money. This money is not earned by halal means but haram money because it is earned by haram means. Apart from this, in our society, grabbing other resources and enjoying them has become a daily activity. Many people are occupying a lot of land. Stealing the property of others.


Besides, many people earn money in the country through theft, dacoity, rahajani bangalore robbery, etc., which is earned through illegal means, which is considered haram money i.e. black money.

This time we will discuss some things about the feeling of receiving haram taka or dishonest top taka or black money. There is no comfort in Haram. That is to say, there is no satisfaction in using the money obtained in a dishonest manner through haram means. There is no relief. All the time a fear works inside him Uneasiness works inside him Thoughts work inside him Even though he has earned money dishonestly then his mind does not feel good Always he suffers from a disturbance. Earning illegal moneyThere is never any comfort in it, it cannot be used according to comfort. And the use of this haram money brings impurity to his mind.


Let me talk about the consequences of earning haram money or dishonest money. If we look at the matter from a religious point of view, the matter becomes quite complicated. Because an honest person can never do bad things and earn money from the helpless. If someone earns money dishonestly, whatever he does with that money becomes dishonest. For example, if someone buys an item with halal money, if there is any haram money mixed with it, even if it is less than one taka, then no form of worship will be obtained by using that thing. That is, if I pray, then the whole prayer will be void, that is, Allah Ta'ala will not give any kind of good.


Even if you raise children by earning this haram, that child will develop haram blood. I earned haram money and all the members of my family will enjoy that money, they will not take responsibility for this money, all the responsibility will fall on me. I will stand before Allah and give an account. That is, tomorrow in the Maidan of Hashar, Almighty Allah will take account of our money, how did you earn money and where did you spend it. and will be cast down into hell. Hazra is the money earned by lawful means, then I will be able to give a correct account before Allah.


Let us all refrain from earning money in haram ways and try to earn money in halal ways to please Allah and be entitled to Paradise. Allah Hafez is ending here like today.

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