A few words about the Charar Kashban of the Yamuna River

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Friends, today I will show you some samples of nature, some signs, some nature conditions with the pre-preparation of nature for the arrival of Amishit, inshallah.

Our beloved Bangladesh. A small country in the Asian subcontinent. This country is a country with great potential. This country gained independence in 1971. Now Bangladesh is an independent state standing in front of the world.


The diversity of Bangladesh is very diverse. The state of nature changes through the six seasons of this country. One season changes every two months. Autumn is now upon us and nature is taking preparations for the arrival of winter.

In autumn we see many changes and changes in nature during which no new leaves grow in the trees of nature. At this time, Bangladesh is a riverine country. In this country, many thieves wake up on the banks of the river and there are many kashabans and the flowers of these kashabans are very pleasant and pleasant to see.


How many poets, how many writers, how many thoughts have been expressed about this Kash forest flower. It cannot be concluded that the nature of Bengal has brought out the form of Bengal. In fact, it is difficult to believe the beauty of this forest without seeing it with your own eyes.


When the kashaban blossoms, it seems as if the sky has fallen in the distance. Just as the sky looks white, so these forests look like the white sky.

As the waves of the sea look beautiful when the wind blows in these kasbans, these kasbans look as beautiful as the waves of the sea. Such a scene is not seen anywhere else in the world.


These Kash forest flowers bear the sign of winter's arrival. During autumn, these flowers bloom and as the flowers fall, the arrival of winter appears. Winter also comes.

Flying in the sky, they fall again in a new pasture, in a new place and after the monsoons, they return to the nest. Beautiful kashaban grows, we also use them as animal feed. Also this Kashavan explains a Chara from the breaking of the river in many parts.

Let us all once in a while observe the scene in the char area and the kasban blossoms in full bloom. Everyone is invited to watch the scene. Today, until now, Allah is Hafez.

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