A few words about the development of electricity in Gandail Union of Kazipur, an upazila city of Bangladesh

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu.

Dear friends, I will share with you some words about the development of electricity in our country and some photographs of its installations. Welcome to this post and congratulations to all of you

The contribution of electricity to the development of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a developing country. This country is developing very fast. The main reason behind the improvement is the unprecedented development of the power sector. Today I will share some things with you about the development of electricity, inshallah.


I will not talk about the whole of Bangladesh, just a few words about the development of electricity in Gandhail Union under Kazipur police station of Sirajganj district. Once there was no electricity. If one wants to get electricity, one has to pay thousands of lakhs of taka, even then it is not possible to get electricity at the right time. Lightning seemed like the moon in the distant sky.


But the current government has made a lot of improvements in electricity, I will share with you some examples of that development. You can see some of the buildings of Palli Vidyut 2 Samiti in our Gazipur. And by looking at this world, you can guess how much electricity has actually been developed.


Electricity has reached every house in our Kajipur. No room is left out. More than 95% of electricity has been reached. And due to the arrival of this electricity, many improvements are being made in our work.


The buildings that you see from the Rural Electricity Association actually bear witness to the development of electricity. Separate buildings have been constructed to house the electricity bill collecting garage for officers, warehouses, and the interior decoration has been beautifully done.


You can see how beautiful the streets are with many flower gardens inside and every building is connected to this street in front.



The development of electricity is the development of the country, the development of the area, but unfortunately, the corruption of electricity is being filled. It is full of illegal people who have to pay illegal money to do every job here. Every person here is like a blood-sucking yoke. He is actually hunted in various ways. And this hunting is done by everyone from the top down in this sector. It seems that just as the chief of thieves has a sympathy for his common thieves, so here the people of the lower ranks are also the storks of the higher ranks.



Even then, let the country develop, let people be comfortable, let civilization improve. Allah Hafez is ending here as today with the wish of Bangladesh holding its head high in the heart of the world.

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