Allah is pleased with the child's paradise under the mother's feet and the father's happiness.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Dear friends, I am very well and healthy by the grace of God on this winter morning. I don't know how you all are doing, but I hope you are doing well by the grace of God.


Allah is pleased with the child's paradise under the mother's feet and the father's happiness.

The word mother is so sweetly used that no other word resonates so much in the world. Then the word father comes second. There are about 20,000 to 3,500 languages ​​in the world. In every language, every race, every tribe, every group, the word mother is a widely used word, not only in Bengali language, it is the most used word in any language, any group, any race, any nation. Today we are going to share some important things about this mom and dad in this post. This post is welcome and congratulations to all of you.


Almighty Allah created us all together in the spirit world. After creating everyone, this world started from the beginning, that is, from Hazrat Adam Alai Salam, until today, He sends us in groups to this world and will send us to this world for testing in this way until the Day of Judgment. And Allah Ta'ala sends us to this world through our parents. If Almighty Allah wills, He can send us to the world without our parents, it is a very easy task for Him. But Almighty Allah has revealed a system and a method that in this way I will send the spirit of this mankind to the earth. And the great Allah sends us to earth in the same way.


We are first transferred from the womb of the father to the womb of the mother and then gradually Allah Taala started growing us in a safe place. After about four months, the Almighty God breathed into our little body. After that we ie our hands are formed legs are formed, head is formed heart is formed eyes are formed nose is formed ears are formed. After about 10 months after everything was created gradually, we were born from the mother's womb on the earth by the command of Allah. It will not be possible to understand the amount of pain a mother goes through during this Bhumishta, only if you ask a mother who has given birth, she can describe the pain in detail. After that, both the mother and the father brought up that little child with a lot of pain and care and love. He does not only bring up his son or daughter, that is, he tries to make his little child a person like a human being. Once the child becomes an adult, the marriage income gets the way of earning.


After the children get married, they start a new life and bring home a new person by marrying them. After arrival, in most cases it is seen that the son can no longer see his parents, the father does not support the mother, does not give rice to the parents. I also cannot see her father-in-law's saree body does not match them quarrels with them and creates enmity with them. At one point Tarapeet no longer lives with her parents. They start separate families. After starting a separate family, parents no longer keep track of their parents.


We know that a wife usually loves her husband by trying to love or promising to show love. But they cannot see her i.e. her husband's mother i.e. mother-in-law and father-in-law, they do not give rice i.e. they do not treat them well. Even that boy is kept away from his parents, not allowed to talk to his parents, not allowed to take responsibility of his maintenance. In fact, this wife does not want her husband. If the husband had real love, then he would first of all show compassion, love, affection, support and care for his parents. If the wife loves and cares for her father-in-law, then the son, even though he has a hostile attitude, still becomes very sympathetic and full of love towards his parents, provides for them, cares for them, cares for them, etc.


Parents who hurt parents who don't support parents who treat parents badly Parents who send them to old age homes. I will present two or four things about them now.


Almighty Allah has said that under the mother's feet is the child's paradise. And God Almighty is happy with the happiness of the father. Also, in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, do not even say the word ``U'' to your mother. The meaning of this hadith is that one should not talk to one's parents. Bad behavior, bad behavior, foul language, non-maintenance, careless service, these are the next. No word can be said with the mouth on their face i.e. the word 'Uh' cannot be said. And you have to treat your father very well, you can't treat him in such a way that he feels sad and suffers. If the father is suffering, then Allah Almighty will suffer, Allah Almighty will be completely angry with him and then he will not be happy.


Now if we say that those who misbehave with their parents are not given care and love and are not even kept with their families and put in old age homes. I say to these children or I say something about these people, how long will you stay in this temporary life, it is not a place to stay, it is a test, you have to pass the test for a certain time and go back to the Almighty Allah. And here parents are the first stepReeksha with whom good behavior good behavior death etc. should be done. And if you leave them there in the nursing home, then I leave it up to you how much you follow the command of Allah and how much you stay within the limits of the command of Allah Ta'ala. Will you answer or answer in front of Almighty Allah in the field of Hashar. Can you ask for paradise or go? As a Muslim, if you go to heaven one day, have you ever thought about how much pain you have to suffer in hell before that?



How bright is the fire of hell, we can know from the Quran and Hadith that it will be 69 times more bright than the fire of the world, that the color of the fire will be black, that the fire will roast the liver before it touches the body. Do you accompany this fire? Also in hell there will be huge snakes and huge scorpions that will keep stinging us constantly. In addition, there will be an angel of punishment in hell that the angel of punishment will not see with eyes nor hear with ears will not have any feelings or education will only continue to punish. Apart from this, the blood men of hell will be given water mixed with hot togbog, which no one can ever eat, but the people of hell will eat it and after eating it, they will go out on the back road with their beards full. Also the cold and heat of hell is unbearable. Besides, there is mention of the lower fruits of Hell, which are bitter, and if the poison were given to the world, no plant or animal would be able to live in the world. Also, there are thousands and millions of other types of punishments in Hell that will never be tolerated.


So let's treat our parents well as they nurtured me as a child and nurtured me with love and care and raised them in their old age. May they be pleased with us and agree with us, but Allah Almighty will be pleased and agree with us and be pleased and agree with us and grant us eternal life in paradise. Allahumma Amen. Allah is Hafez.



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