An Islamic educational story.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu.

Dear Friends, Today I am going to share an educational story with you InshaAllah welcome and congratulations to all of you in this post.

         The story is a story of a cow and a tiger.

A cow of a shepherd goes to the field to graze every day and to graze it almost goes to the edge of the forest and satiates its hunger by eating grass. And in the afternoon his master went and fetched him. Thus he eats grass every day and his master brings him every day.

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One day a tiger chased him from the forest while he was eating grass. The cow ran for a long time in fear of death when the cow did not reach the edge it jumped into a pond to save its life or someone jumped into the pond to catch it.

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But in the month of Chaitra, the water in the pond is almost dried up and only the mud remains, meaning that anyone who steps down is stuck crying. The work that is said is extra and the cow is stuck in such a way that the cow can't move forward or nobody can move forward, that is, two people are stuck.

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At that time the tiger got angry and said to the cow, this cow did not find a place to jump and jumped into this muddy pond. You did not understand the real thing and burst into tears, where is the fool?

Meanwhile the cow laughs and says yes I am stupid and you are very clever. After a while you will understand the fool and the clever.

Do you have any owners? The tiger said to him with big eyes, that is to say to the cow, why should the donkey be my owner? I myself am the king of the forest owns the whole sister, how can I own me again? Then the cow said, here is where you have made the biggest mistake, you are nothing but a fool.
Then the tiger said in a soft tone, why? Why am I stupid?
Then the cow said, a little later when it is evening my owner will come and hit you on the back with a stick and rescue me from here and take me home.

As the evening approached. The owner of the cow came with many people to throw sticks and found his cow stuck in the mud in the pond and a tiger stuck behind it. Then they beat the buck and rescued the cow.

Lesson learned: If we trust in our Lord, the Almighty Allah, then no matter how great the danger befalls us, our Lord (the Almighty Allah) will protect us, even if we wait a little until the sunset. will be

So let us put our trust in Almighty Allah and work patiently and keep waiting. May Allah Ta'ala grant us all patience, Ameen.

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