It is my effort to make boys and girls like human beings।

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Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Dear friends, this morning until the morning of the soul, the Almighty Allah has kept me very well, kept me healthy, kept me strong and also gave me the opportunity to do the necessary work. I thank Alhamdulillah for that.


Today I will give you a detailed description of what I did till half past six in the morning, that is, today's post about what I did and what I will do today. Welcome and congratulations to all of you on this post.


The first thing I do is to follow the commandments of Almighty Allah and follow the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. And accordingly I try to wake up at quarter past four in the morning. Some days I can't do it because of sleep. If I go to bed after eleven o'clock in the first night i.e. early in the night then it is very difficult for me to get up in the morning i.e. I miss a lot of time. That's why I fall asleep early between nine and ten. It makes it much easier for me to wake up at 10:00 or 4:00. Today, I woke up at a quarter past four in that bread. After getting up, I completed the necessary tasks and performed ablution. After removing my clothes, I started worshiping Almighty Allah.



We are sent to this world as a testing ground by Almighty Allah. And when we come to take this test, we make many mistakes. The main mistake among them is that we do not pray for a long time in our first life, that is, we do not worship. Of course, it is not our fault, it is the fault of the parents. If the parents had educated them in Islamic education since childhood, there would not have been a single day of prayer and no rule of Sharia would have been violated. However, as luck would have it, we may not have had such an opportunity, but we thank the Almighty Allah for the few days he has given us. Alhamdulillah. We cannot stay in this world, we have to leave one day and no one knows when that will happen except Allah Almighty. When my time is right, I will be called to die at the appointed time. I will enter the life hereafter. There are many examples in this world i.e. those who are atheists do not believe in Allah i.e. they say there is no God in the world the world will go on and on and on and on and on and on. They also accept death i.e. must die. Also, there were great great schools, they too could not live in the world, they had to die and they left. In that sequence, my grandfather's grandfather was my grandfather, my father is here, I am now, my children are there, my children's children will come to this world, but my grandfather's father is also gone, my grandfather is also gone, my father is also gone, my mother and son are gone, and I am also gone.



In this short world of coming and going. Who did good deeds and who did not do good deeds. Who did good deeds and who did not do good deeds. Who obeyed Allah and who did not obey Allah. I will be asked in the future, that is, Almighty Allah will ask me and ask for an answer, then there will be judgment.



Since we will face the judgment on that day, we will find its answers in our life.
My children should not be lax towards Islam like me. I want to educate my children in Islamic education to try to obey the rules of Islam from the beginning. And as a result of that effort i.e. to get the success of that effort I admitted my son in Qaumi Madrasa. He is reading the Qur'an, then I will make him Hafeez, Insha'Allah, then I will make him a Maulana, then I will try to make him a Mufassir, Insha'Allah.



Then I have two daughters one named Maryam and the other named Alfa Al Taiba. I also admitted them to Mahila Qaumi Madrasa to educate them in Islamic education. I will make them Hafeza too, Insha'Allah, then I will pass them to Maulana, Insha'Allah. And for that, my efforts, my money, my physical labor, my mental labor and all my labor are given behind them, inshallah. And I started it long ago. That's why I took them to the madrasa after the prayer. And I brought them again while coming from college at 2 pm.
On the way to bring them, I took a picture of the flowers of some aquatic plants i.e. kachuripana which I will share here inshallah. In fact, during the monsoons, these roaches float down the rivers near us and after they float, they stay where they can find space inside our abdas, ie flood control dams, and there they breed. These aquatic plants usually grow in water. Breeds in water. They hold flowers in the water. When they hold flowers, that is, when they bloom, a beautiful scene takes place, which will make anyone feel better when they see this scene. So I took some photos with my phone and uploaded them here to share this view with you.



In fact, we should adopt the ideals of these aquatic plants in our lives. These aquatic plants only benefit us i.e. humans, they benefit us by sacrificing their lives. They do nothing for their own benefit. The main benefit they provide is that they wowThe toxic gas carbon dioxide is absorbed from the body and oxygen is released into the atmosphere for our life. Which is a very useful gas for us. If we don't have this gas, we will not be able to survive and this gas is supplied by this kachuripana. After that kachuripanas feed our mind with happiness. When this
kachuripana is filled with flowers, a beautiful scene unfolds, which broadens our mind and makes us feel better. Then when the water runs out i.e. the water dries up, these leaves decompose in the soil and create organic manure. Which increases the fertility of our crops. Many crops grow that provide us with food. That is, in one word it can be said that this drinking is very beneficial for us.



We should take a vow from this drinking. May he be able to follow the commands of Almighty Allah beautifully and may Almighty Allah be pleased with him and may Almighty Allah grant us a happy life in paradise.

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