Let us decorate our lives like flowers.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Dear friends, today I will share with you some words that our life should be as pure as a flower, inshallah welcome and congratulations to all of you in this post.


Flower, symbol of purity, symbol of love, symbol of beauty, symbol of innocence, symbol of purity. Love for flowers was, is and always will be. Let us first say something about the life of flowers. Flowers give their lives only as food for humans. His only job is to make people feel better. Apart from that, there is a more important function that is one of the unique symbols of flower reproduction. If Khulna, nothing would have been born in the world.


The goal of the life of the flower - We will now talk about the goal of the life of the flower.
Flower altruism-flower grows only to benefit others it does nothing for itself. First of all, this flower improves the human mind, spreads its fragrance among people and keeps the body healthy. Whoever sees this flower is temporarily relieved. It is difficult to find a person who does not love flowers.



In addition, flowers are one of the means of propagation, all the plants in our world reproduce through these flowers without some exceptions. If there was Khulna, they wouldn't have propagated, plants wouldn't have grown on earth, and if plants didn't grow, we wouldn't get oxygen, and if we didn't get oxygen, we wouldn't be able to live on this earth. Therefore, through the creation of the flower system, Almighty Allah has made it easy for human life and the movement of plants on earth. So we thank the Almighty Allah Alhamdulillah.



We need flowers for various occasions, we are social beings and we perform various occasions along with the development of our civilization. And flowers are widely used to make these events lively and beautiful. Flowers are used to decorate the stages. This time we gift bouquets of flowers to honorable people as a symbol of love. Besides, we use this flower as a symbol of love. We give these flowers to keep the wife happy. Also, gifting flowers to loved ones increases love. Also, small people are very happy when they receive flowers and their mental development. If we have a flower garden at home then the beauty of the home increases. There are some flowers whose fragrance makes the environment very beautiful. In that environment, the mind of a person of any mind becomes much better, thoughts of injustice are removed from his head.



If we learn to align our life with this flower then we will have no more sorrow in this life. There will be no fights in the society. There will be no home for hatred and violence. If I give a philanthropic life like a flower, personal life will improve and social life will improve a lot. There will never be chaos in the society. Our society today has become class free and is full of injustice and injustice. In this society, all the uncivilized people are living in the civilized society. The work of these people is to resort to various types of vices, wrongdoing and forbidden ways. Now if we can look at our society then it can be seen that our society is full of bribery. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whatever office you go to, where you go to the court, there are bribes everywhere. Some of the good people are also covered by these corrupt people. Every person is getting involved in bribery indirectly and indirectly. It has become like an era of ignorance. Which office do you go to which court do you go to which mediator do you go to which judge do you go to which MP do you go to which barrister do you go to your relatives everyone tries to get some money some money. They do not care about the fact that it will be illegal.



Then in our society we see the spread of interest, every work is associated with interest. People are not considering happiness as happiness because they are moving far away from religion, religious knowledge is slowly gaining a lot of greed in them, that's why hatred towards usury is not born but love towards usury is created in them. We forget the life of the flower. If we had built life like a flower, we would never have fallen so far
. We come to this world for a short two days in this world and by coming here we forget the Hereafter. And because of this forgetting we will be in great trouble in the Hereafter. In this society there are very few people who understand the life of Akhiya, only they understand what the world is.



So if we can make our life as useful as a flower and match the ideal of my life with the ideal of a flower, then we can be established as a good person in the society and if we get the touch of a good person, all the people in that society will become good people. And when a society becomes a good society, a village is also bound to become good. And when a village is forced to be better, a union is forced to be better. When the union is good, all unions are built on a desire to be good. When all unions are good, then a thana becomes good, an upazila becomes good and when all the upazilas become goodWhen one district is good and when one district is established as a model district then other districts adopt it.



May we be able to spread the fragrance of our society like a flower by getting the good news that everyone can follow the good path, do good work and have good thoughts.
If we can spread beauty like a flower, then more people in the society will be fascinated by that beauty and he himself will continue to spread beauty like all of them. If we can only do good things like flowers, if no injustice is done by me, then more people in the society will accept my ideals and they will forget injustice, follow the path of justice, do good to people and never do evil. And the flower gives birth to a beautiful plant. If we can create a civilized human being like a flower, then injustice, injustice, etc. can never find a place in our society.


So let's make our society civilized as all the flowers that are on this earth each flower has some unique characteristics. Always busy in the last effort. Because if people do good deeds, people remember that act, if they do bad deeds, they never remember him, but they remember him with anger. So we follow the path of Almighty Allah and follow the example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). If we start walking by matching our life with flowers, then Almighty Allah will be pleased, our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, will intercede for us and we will be able to die as good servants at the time of death. I will be able to give the right answer to Allah in the field of Hashar. By attaining Allah's satisfaction, we will forever be a place of peace, a place of happiness, a place of eternal comfort. Allah Hafez is ending here like today.

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