Make our life like a flower.

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Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Dear friends, today I will share with you some things about making our life like a flower. Inshallah this post is welcome and congratulations to all of you.

         We live like flowers.

Flowers are symbols of beauty, purity. People also say that the moon also has a stigma, but no one has said that flowers have a stigma. Flowers are mentioned only as a symbol of beauty and as a symbol of love.


There is no one who does not love flowers. Even if they are crazy or dumb, they are attracted to flowers and love flowers. When you see flowers, the state of mind becomes much better.


If we compare our life with flowers then we can lead our life for better. Our life should be such that when a person sees a flower, his mind automatically goes towards the good, and when he sees me, any person should have a good look at me.


Flowers only improve the mind of a person, improve his state of mind, create a state of life in his body, and give him only fragrance. All the calamities in his mind that are in evil state, flowers can dissipate his energy. Everyone is fascinated by the beauty of flowers because flowers do not have bad aspects only good aspects which make people believe in good.

Similarly, if our life was like a flower, if it was spotless like a flower, then we could improve the state of mind of people who are attracted to people. But we don't want to be like flowers because every moment we have envy-hatred-conceit and pride. Because of this, no one feels good when they see us, everyone looks at us with jealous eyes.


If our life is pure like a flower, envy and hatred will remain at home, if we forget everything and focus on the benefit of people, then every person will love us like a flower, and seeing us, like a flower, their hearts will be happy, and people will be happy. As if seeing us can be so secure and confident that if this person does not do me any good, he will not do me any harm.

Let us lead a life like a flower, be innocent like a flower, let go of hatred, pride, etc., let us serve people and work for the welfare of people. Connects people with Allah and encourages people to follow the path of Allah and His Messenger. Today, until now, Allah is Hafez.

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