Our purpose in life and our dream!!!!

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu.

Dear friends, today I will share with you some things about our purpose in life and what our dreams should be. Inshallah this post is welcome and congratulations to all of you.

               Our life purpose and dream !!!

We are human beings, we are Muslims, we are servants of Allah, our leader is Hazrat Muhammad alaihi wa sallam. We live on earth for 60 to 100 years. And why we live these sixty to 100 years. Then we have many questions about where we will go, where we will stay, what will happen, in what environment we will stay and eat food or not eat food and die or not die. Today I will share with you some things about our dream and what this dream should look like.

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One day we were nothing, then after a long journey we saw the face of the earth in the belly of the father, then in the womb of the mother, then after 10 months and 10 days in the womb of the mother. We could not come to this world, the Almighty Allah has sent us to this world. There must be some purpose in being sent to this earth that purpose is unknown to many of us. We think that the purpose of being sent to this earth is to earn more, become rich, become a millionaire, live a luxurious life and do me etc.

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In fact, Almighty Allah did not send us to this world for these things, He sent us only for His worship. This is why Almighty Allah has said in the Qur'an itself that I have created the jinn and human beings for My worship only, and they have not been created for any other purpose.

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Then according to the declaration of the Holy Book of Allah Almighty, Qur'anul Karim, we can understand and it is proved without doubt that we should be intoxicated in the worship of Allah alone, in no way, in any environment, in any situation, we will never be negligent in worshiping Him. Just as it is true that everyone has to leave this world, it is also true that there is a life in the Hereafter, because Allah Almighty says in His Holy Qur'an, "I have prepared for the righteous a dwelling place in which I have arranged things that no ear will ever hear." No eye has ever seen, no brain has ever thought. Such a peaceful and happy life I have reserved for them only if they can come to worship Me with a little hardship in this world, then I will give them a life from which I will never drive them out, never die, never lack food, never lack a wife. Never suffer, never listen to evil.

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And the name of this abode of this life is heaven. Let us worship the Almighty Allah with our hearts and hope that Allah will give us such a paradise. As long as there is life, we can worship Allah in Jannah and try our best to please Allah Almighty. May Almighty Allah accept us all so that we can find a place in Paradise and attain the pleasure of Allah. (Allahumma Ameen)

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