Photography with a neglected flower.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu.

Dear friends, Today's post is about the photography of an unknown flower. Welcome and congratulations to all of you.

Flower, the word flower is loved by everyone, the word flower seems to be a holy word, the word of love, the word that connects the mind, everyone is attracted to this word, hearing this word, everyone's mind becomes good even for a while.


Love was in the world before, is now and will be in the future. And flowers are very much associated with this love. As people love, worship and respect flowers, people take great care of flowers. Flower garden. He started working in that garden. These are the expressions of love for flowers.


We usually see and know more about Phulerani roses and we often give these roses to each other. Also there are many other known flowers like rajnigandha, shapla flower, hasnahena, bakul flower, rakta jaba flower, morag jaba, evening flower, night flower, belli flower etc. which we grow in the garden.

Besides, flowers of various colors are blooming around us, but we don't even look at them, that is, we don't even try to see them, but if we notice that these flowers are blooming with disrespect and neglect, and they are showing beauty. Then I can enjoy.


I will share with you a photograph of an unknown flower. This flower blooms in the woods behind the houses along the road in different places. This flower looks very beautiful and beautiful, the beauty of which you may not have seen. The Almighty Allah has created how many creatures in this world, only the Almighty Allah knows best and all the creatures try hard for their reproduction and this effort has been truly given by the Almighty Allah in every plant and animal.

So every plant and animal strives for its reproduction, just as this flower also blooms and bears fruit for its reproduction, and these fruits spread themselves. There are plenty of them growing around our house.

I am ending today here, in the next post I will post about some other topic, God willing.


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