Prevention is better than cure.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu.

Dear friends, today I am going to present some discussion about an important decision in our life, precautionary action, ie prevention is better than cure. Welcome and congratulations to all of you in this post.

           Prevention is better than cure.

Today we will share two or four words with you about the fact that prevention from newspapers is very good, inshallah.


Remedy and prevention should be defined first and then we will discuss this in detail InshaAllah. Remedy is to renovate or make good or repair something after it has happened. It will be easier to understand if we present some examples in this regard. Like a pilot flying an airplane. Since this plane will fly in the sky. That is, before the development of the aircraft, he directly flew the aircraft without any checks or any details about the aircraft. He then called the control room to tell the plane to make an early landing when the plane malfunctioned. The pilot started trying to repair the fault of the plane with his own skills. After various operations and renovations, the aircraft landed at the airport gracefully. This is that the plane did not check before the flight, i.e. without looking at the details of the plane, after flying the plane, the fault of the plane was found. Remedial measures are the various steps taken after seeing the bread to rectify the error or to solve the problem that has arisen or that has arisen. That is, after something happens, the action taken after a problem occurs is called remediation. This action is taken when there is no alternative.


For example, let's talk about Corona. We could not take any action before this happened. When the disease appeared, scientists all over the world sat down and started developing a vaccine. Now in almost all countries these vaccines are given as three doses. That is, it is not possible to take preventive measures for this corona disease, it has been remedied.


We who drive light vehicles i.e. motorcycles. We pick up reckless speed. And as a result of this irregular speed many accidents occur. And after this accident self-correction treatment is the remedy.


Remedy is actually a last resort that must be done if not done. For example, when a farmer grows a crop, when a disease occurs in this crop, he sprays drugs and pesticides. The measures taken to kill the rats after catching the rats to eat again is also a remedy. In fact, the newspaper is nothing but a reform because this system is given after problems have arisen. This system has many disadvantages.



Disadvantages - The remedy has many disadvantages. Because it is an after the fact document. And after any incident, there is a lot of damage, like the measures taken after the crop disease, even though there is recovery, i.e. the disease is removed, there is a lot of damage to the crop. If drivers wait for remedial action, their lives can be lost as well as vehicle damage can lead to property damage and disability. If the remedy is sitting in the sun of the river, then the river breaks causing a lot of damage to the human settlements and causes misery. If we are waiting for a remedy after the war of a country, then both countries will suffer a lot of damage, such as economic, mental and physical damage. Also, in the places where the newspaper is arranged, it is actually taken after a lot of damage and a lot of loss.




If we think of resistance as affection, we are greatly benefited by the fact that nothing can happen. Accidents can be avoided to a large extent if those who operate various things are careful and handle everything with caution. Accidents cannot happen.

If the farmers take measures before the attack of the insects, then the crop can not be damaged in any way, that is, the insects cannot attack and the damage will not come from where. If a country resolves its conflicting issues through negotiation before starting a war with another country, then there is no possibility of war, and when there is no possibility of war, then there is no loss of life, wealth, or wealth of the country. If such a river breaks in the sun, if measures are taken before it breaks, if the river banks are controlled, then the river will not break and there will be no damage to property.


Also there are many other cases where if we take or can take preventive measures then we can get economic physical emotional salvation to a large extent. For example, in our country, many lives and property were lost due to cholera disease. Later, when vaccination was discovered and preventive measures were taken, then this cholera disease has completely disappeared in our country. Smallpox vaccine, tuberculosis vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine are similar to the corona virus vaccine, and these diseases do not occur because of these vaccines, that is, they are our preventive measures.



A fire in a house causes a lot of damage to life and property. If we have taken measures in advance about the source of fire, then there can never be a fire in the house. As a result of the fires, tens of millions of acres of land were destroyed. If we are a t in this regardIf every country forms a group to improve their country, they will try to control where the fire occurs in the forest area immediately, then the fire will never happen. Floods are a cause of great misery in our country as people have no place to shelter so if we take preventive measures before this flood occurs then we can be saved from suffering this flood. Preventive measures in this regard include flood control, construction of dams, raising of houses, stocking of essential food, stocking of food for animals and birds. If the flood lasts for a few months, we will not have any more problems.



One thing can be said, prevention is many times better than cure. If I had been careful before I had a problem, it wouldn't have happened. Taking preventive measures prevents many losses of assets and solves many problems earlier. Brother, we came to know at different stages of the discussion and realized that actually preventive measures are much better than taking newspaper measures and we all will try to take this measure inshallah. We will never take away the remedy because the remedy is when the incident happens if we are careful about it before it happens. Then this is good for us that is good for us that will be good for us. So let us be careful from today, try our best to take preventive measures and encourage everyone to warn everyone while being careful ourselves.


So at the end of discussion we can say prevention is very good very good and better than cure. I am ending today's discussion here, I will discuss some other topic in the next post, inshallah.

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