Slander is a very serious crime!!!

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Dear friends, how are you all, I hope you are all well, I am also very well by the grace of Allah.

           Slander is a very serious crime!!!

Gossip is a social disease that most of the people in our society are affected due to which people in our society have become mental road. So let us learn about backbiting and try to avoid backbiting and try to save others from backbiting.

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Backbiting: Backbiting is the name of revealing the faults of others to others without knowing it. What causes pain in the mind of one who is being gossiped about or heard about.

There are five types of backbiting:- The first type of backbiting is Haram. This backbiting is a grave sin which cannot be forgiven if the backbiter does not forgive. This slander does not benefit the slanderer, so this type of slander is haram.

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It takes a three-person relationship to gossip. One says what the other hears and is told about. It takes three people. There can never be backbiting without these three persons.
The backbiting that does not benefit any of these three persons is considered haram. This backbiting is absolutely forbidden in Islam, that is, this backbiting can never be done, like if someone goes into a tea shop and says that such and such a thief has stolen from such and such a house today. These words did not benefit the thief, nor did the people in the tea shop benefit, nor did the person who slandered. So this backbiting is considered haram. Because none of these three people have benefited in the slightest.

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If anyone commits such slander, his punishment will be very severe. That is, if the person who has slandered forgives, that is, if forgiveness can be taken from him, then he can be saved, otherwise there is no way to save, that is, tomorrow Allah Almighty will put the sins of the person who slandered on the field of Hashar in the record of the person who slandered. And if the slanderer has no sin, then the good deeds of the slanderer will be paid to the slanderer for the amount of slander.

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That is, gossiping means giving one's fullness to others or taking the sins of others on one's shoulders.

It is only that no one can ever slander except a foolish, blind, ignorant person, i.e., cannot give away one's goods or willingly take upon oneself the sins of others.

So let us protect ourselves from this haram gibbat and be free from danger in the afterlife and warn my family my society my state to everyone about the horror of this haram gibbat. In the next post, I will discuss four more types of halal backbiting. Like today, here is the last Allah Hafez.

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