Today's photography of the sun and some facts about the sun!!!

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Today's photography of the sun and some facts about the sun!!!


Dear friends, today I will talk about a star that has saved us, the plants, that is, the living world, by the command of Almighty Allah. In fact the sun is the source of all heat ie the source of light. The primary heat and light comes from the sun and is provided by the sun itself.


A star in the sun. The mass of the Sun is 99.8632 percent of the total mass of the solar system. The structure of the Sun is like a perfect sphere but its north and south are slightly bent like an orange. The main composition of the Sun is hydrogen with a percentage of 73.46% helium 24.85% oxygen 0.77% carbon 0.29% iron 0.16% neon 0.12% nitrogen 0.09% silicon 0.07% magnesium 0.05% Sulfur 0.04% This is the proportion or part of different materials in the solar system.


This sun is located at a distance of about 14.96 million kilometers from the earth, but this distance is less and less, that is, the shortest distance is in the month of January and the longest distance is in July. It takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds for the light from the sun to reach the earth.


Almighty Allah is the wonderful creator. There is no flaw in His creation, there is no mistake in creation, there is no ugliness in creation. What you create is beautiful. What you create is unique. What you create is unique. The creation of the sun is unique among the creations of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah has created this sun, its effectiveness is so extensive and wonderful that it cannot be understood without thinking about it. The sun continues to shine and will continue to shine, and when Allah wills, the sun will not shine, nor will it give light.


Let me talk about the benefits of sunlight to our animals, plants and water. First of all, let me talk about the plant world. Allah has created thousands of species of plants on earth. Those plants are under water and above water. Some plants are small and some are big. And the biggest role in the production of food for all these plants is played by the sun, that is, sunlight. Plants usually make their food with the help of leaves and sunlight is essential for making this food. Without sunlight, plants could never produce food. And if plants did not produce food, the problem would not have gone away, we would not have been able to eat anything, that is, it would have been very difficult for humans to survive, and that means it would not have been possible to survive on a bus. Plants use this sunlight to produce food and we eat that food and after we eat it we get truth and with the help of that energy we worship Allah Almighty.


Heating the Earth Another function of the sun is to keep the Earth warm. If there was no sun then this earth would have turned into freezing cold ice and no living thing or plant would have been able to survive so the sun is like light and it falls directly on this earth during the day and after heating the earth it remains warm after night falls. . So the sun keeps our earth warm and helps our plants and animals to survive. Almighty Allah has created the sun for this, O Sun ☀️⛅, you will only serve people with light and heat, and you will keep plants and animals warm on earth for the service of people. Surya will continue to serve in this way until today and till the end of the day after receiving that command.


So here are some photos of the sun that I took this morning during the sunrise to share with you. The sun looks like a red dish when it rises. As time progresses, this sun gradually turns red and turns white. We like the sun and heat in the morning but when the heat and sun are intense in the afternoon we can't bear it anymore. In the desert, the heat of this sun makes the sand so hot that it is possible to poach or boil eggs in the sand. The sun is so hot that eggs can be boiled and eaten in a building 100 stories high in Dubai.



If you look at the sun, you can see what is burning inside the sun, that is, the fuel inside the sun is hydrogen, water turns into helium. A closer look reveals that the Sun is nothing but a ball of fire from afar. No matter how painful the heat is, the benefits of the sun are greater. Almighty Allah has made the sun our servant, the sun's job is to serve us. The world will serve like this from the beginning till the doomsday. It is not the achievement of the sun, it is the achievement of the great Lord. He created us, He will keep us alive, He will protect us from all kinds of dangers.


In return only worship and worship of Almighty Allah should be done. If we worship and worship Allah Almighty, then Allah Almighty will be pleased with us and agree and will grant us paradise with eternal happiness.


I am ending here as of today. May Allah cover us with His kindness, His mercy, His mercy and grant us the ability to worship and may we worship to please the Almighty Allah and may the Almighty Allah be pleased and grant us Jannah, Ameen.

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