Powerclub | Cricket Voting Contest | IPL ( HYD vs LSG ) 4 Apr 🏏

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So guys as we said in the last post that we will bring a voting contest, so we have brought our first contest and from here this process will go on.

so today contest is between



MATCH -: 12th Match
Series -: Indian Premier Leauge 2022
Time -: 07:30 pm ( India time )
Date -: April 4, Monday
Venue -: De Dy Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai

Reward Distribution

So out of the total curation earned from posts and comments, we will :

  • Reserve 10% to the powerclub team and use that to increase our blurtpower.

  • Out of the remaining 90% we will further divide this into three parts such that we have 10%, 20%, 60% with us.

  • The 60% will be distributed among the people who will predict correctly based on their vote values. For example, if there are two people who vote for the correct team and their vote value was 10 Blurt and 20 blurt then the person with 10 blurt vote value will get 1/3rd of that 60%, and 2/3rd will go to the person with 20 blurt vote value.

  • The next 20% will be distributed among the losers, yes we will also reward people who predict wrongly and in this case, we will distribute the 20% equally among all the wrong answered votes.

  • The last 10% will be reserved with us to help people around the world like the people of Ukraine or we can use that to help sponsor newcomers who have ideas in their minds.

So that is how we are deciding to distribute rewards among the people. We might change this with a notice in case we find some other good way to reward people.


  • Vote for anyone team only or else you will be disqualified and won't earn any reward.

  • It is compulsory to vote with your 100% vote value.

  • Voting shall be done before the start of the match.

That's all for the rules, so now we hope the contest is clear to all the readers but still in case of any doubt feel free to reach out to us in the comment section.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

  1. @tekraze

That's all from powerclub today, we are waiting for all of you guys

1) Vote for kamranrkploy as Witness

2) Vote for Imransoudagar as Witness

3) Vote for Zahidsun as Witness

Thank You

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Lucknow super Giants will win.


Please don't comment only vote

Ok sir thank you.


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don't comment because this contest is only voting