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Lets go Blurt. Congrats for the power up :)

Awesome… Congratulations… on your way to 1 Million Blurt Power … then 10 Million.

Would you want to work on something to kind of organize the tag communities better, like a Curation movement based on a tag rally? We could get some things going, the Curation Pool at the beginning helped a lot.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I don’t have much time to run any Curation Projects at the moment. I just drop in and upvote random posts … mostly the new Blurt apps for Google Android and iPhone plus the new @Blurt-lotto

Ok, we are about to get into all that, and a Recruitment push. Females first, and a lot of guys are going to get mad.

Well … Blurt definitely needs more girls. So that’s great.

We are doing a Hemp and Beauty Economy.

Awesome. Hemp is awesome. 🌿… the holy Kaneh Bosm.

Texas is at the center of a kind of Biblical event in modern times, a lot of things are about to happen.

We will be raising the Price also, everyone should start making groups on all the different Social Media and chats.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Awesome. I have been buying up all the cheap Blurt on

I am sharing the link every where … especially Twitter.


We should all be sharing our Blurt posts on Twitter to get #blurt trending

We need a Recruitment push right now, lots of people offering free account creation, on other Social Media based groups if there is the activity base

@fervi already created a Free Blurt Creation app…

Free Blurt Blog Account Creation : via @blurtcreator and @fervi