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We are about to begin something in Cryptocurrency that has not really existed yet, on you can maybe compare what is happening to the #Zapata happening from SocialGraph and the group around the Founders at the beginning of BLURT, but this is also comparable to the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Network on HIVE that started on STEEM and still has a presence there.

I wrote this Guide previously to Introduce Dallas to some of what is happening.

Instructions and Help For Dallas

Recently there was a kind of Movement in Cryptocurrency, whereby Originally the Entire thing was called #FinTech, but now there is #DeFi, which has also branched off into #SocialFi, etc. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a concept whereby you get more Banking or Governance type Utilities from Tokens or an Environment of Tokens, or Family of Tokens. When we look at investing generally you want to look at Return on Investment (ROI), or how much money you make, this can sometimes lead to Greedy Developers who do not plan for Inflation, etc. 200% a day in Token rewards is not 200% USD rewards, unless you have a Massive Pool of Investors or some kind of Revenue Source like a Website that has Subscribers or something with 200% per day coming in, through you or Investors. Van Kush Beauty Token (VKBT) was created with Specs, or Tokenomics as people now say, so as to create a Stable Rarity.

VKBT is a HIVE Token, but we will be centering many of the #VanKushFamily operations on BLURT. We will begin to teach people about places and things in DFW, around Dallas, TX, as we create a Hemp and Spiritual Company/Organization, and Currency here. We will be teaching people about Ancient Mysteries, and Modern Technologies, with Ancient Roots. We will be getting into Terpenes, and Enzymes, and will start posting pictures of Hemp based Sacraments and other Oils, soon we will get back to Soaps and Oils and my Wife Kali Van Kush will get started taking pictures again as planned, and get the entire Van Kush Beauty Economy moving around this; as we create new Tokens and Blockchains following VKBT, all with purpose and stable Tokenomics. VKBT is a great example of an Anti-Inflation Token and a Stable Community in #R2Cornell and many others keeping Tokens Staked, now we just have to bring the Traffick.

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