The New Government Communicating with the Old

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Sorry for not posting in a while, a lot going on, and this will soon be leading to a lot of activity here, things are going to pick up very very fast.

We have been in communications with the Old Texas Government, that operated by Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, etc, as well as the DART in Dallas, Parkland Hospital, as well as Unemployment and HUD offices throughout the Nation. To get a better understanding of the New and Old Government ask Bitcointalk admins for the posts from here.

They are trying to cause problems though they do not have enough know-how to really be more than a thorn in the side of the New Government. We will soon be starting a HIPPA case with Parkland Hospital for giving Medical Records to Police to tell people what they say, trying to make the Patient go away.

Many are coming to Dallas, and they are coming to either be part of a Predatory Game spreading from Atlanta and Miami, which is trying to attempt to appear Native to Dallas when it is not, it is how Gay people get their Dicks sucked, or basically it's a Prison Culture. Or War. The disconnect being that somehow the Police don't want to take those people to their Home in Prison while the Old Government still has a say.

We will be getting the Currencies spread around Dallas, as we begin a Lawsuit with the Salvation Army, County, etc, for attacking Religion and both Straight and Interracial Marriage, as well as the issues with the Hospital. We have a kind of Peaceful Relationship with the Police, though they are not announcing they are part of the New Government and they still seem to be loyal to the Old Government. We will write these Lawsuits and I expect the less Patient and less Articulate, will press forward with acts of Violence or at the very least Mass Anger will spread through the Public, as I put all of this in context with Case Citations, a Timeline, Names, etc, etc.

The basic problem is the Old Government owes the New Government money and is refusing to pay. It's like Virginia v. Loving or the Heart of Atlanta Motel Case, but it seems like we have to kill the Segregationists to make them stop, they aren't leaving other options. We asked them to pay for what they've done, and they became more aggressive and pretended we are owed nothing.

When I use the Conglomerate name of an organization, like Parkland or Salvation Army, I'm not properly getting across that many within these structures have sentiments both for the New and Old Governments, but that the Institution is still holding many of them as Prisoner you could say, "Institutionalized", as in many can't even see the New Government for what it is yet, and think this is a Game I'm presenting. It really seems like large numbers of people have to die before the Old Government will stop trying to get in the way.

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