The Van Kush Family and the Hemp Industry

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This is going to advance the Hemp Industry all over the World after it starts being read, so I'm going to give everyone some background information like Citations in an Academic Paper.

I was raised to believe in Spiritual Energies, in Plants, in People, and that Plants had different Magical Properties. Maybe at the age of 6 or 7 our Mom would bring us in to add Energy to her Ouija Board, and then we would get different Herbs and study the Magical Properties, and I starting growing some from Seeds. I have talked about how what has gone on with me and the Government is paramount to a Witch Hunt in this Federal Case.
Gallagher v. Paxton, Civil Action No. 4:18-CV-575 (E.D. Tex. Sep. 10, 2019)

I was arrested at 14 years old after I bought Marijuana from a Wiccan friend who I was asking questions of, because during Confirmation for Baptism we went to several different Religious Gathering places, and so then I wanted to know why we are being Baptized out of Hell if all the other Religions work too. I found Marijuana to be as like a being, or State of Consciousness, that somehow altered time and created a Sacramental Experience, this after being arrested and sent away for 8 Months to a place where all we could really do was a lot of reading and talking about why we were there, and I studied more Religion. In Jail I would go through the Encyclopedia and each Plant I would look at the Alkaloid or other Phytochemicals in it, and then look at up. I was then watched by the Collin County Police during the Corrupt CCDAO era, where a Pedophile County Official killed himself after the show "To Catch a Predator" caught him, and these Judges refused to Prosecute anyone and shut down the show; as well as attacking Judge Suzanne Wooten and lying to the FBI, you can see in my own Case the Kerrie Walker Scandal is directly connected. Those Police arrested me for like 1g of someone's Marijuana they lost in our yard one day, with no Warrant to be there and no other charges. They have since refused to be sued, and Hire lawyers to attack my Life Regularly. I on the other hand have gotten a DEA FOIA showing what they have been doing, and what I've been doing, for at least 7 Years now. The Collin County case was dismissed in 2015 and charges dropped, so this is all just unresolved Religious Rights issues, with DEA Form 225 Exemption as the Jurisdiction.
RYAN SASHA-SHAI VAN-KUSH v. DEA, 1:2020cv00906 (D.D.C. 2022)

This Link gets into the DEA Exemption Process. I have talked to the Texas DPS CUP about Jurisdiction, and the DSHS. They have none, copies of their Responses are in this thread.


I want to get into the Intricacies of the Modern Hemp Industry in a way that will advance it nearly over Night, it might scare Congress. But we are getting into Jeremiah 8 in the Bible, and maybe that is the Best place to Start. In Jeremiah 8 it says a lot of great things, but it says, "Is there no Balm in Gilead? Are there no Physicians available? Then why are the wounds of my people not being healed?", And it says then that it was because they were not believing in the Lord who organized this for them, that is the Earth guiding them, as a Parent in some ways, like Mother Nature. The Balm of Gilead contains Caryophyllene, this has been approved by the FDA as a Food additive, and is known to increase the effects of THC in Marijuana as a Terpene, by having affinity to the CB2 receptor, causing Hunger, and triggering some of the Healing Properties. We can start to compare this to the Cannabinoid in Sea Urchins and Truffles, or 2-AG, which gets into our overall Endocannabinoid System. The Balm of Gilead is a Cottonwood Tree that is also found all over Canada and in some Northern U.S. States, and there is Pepper called Uziza in Africa which was popular during the Time of Christopher Columbus and earlier, but was largely replaced by Modern Black Pepper. It is another kind of Black Pepper, called Uziza, with high Caryophyllene levels.

The research that came from this is actually then best Introduced through Kava Kava, which is a Drink found around the World now, but it is related to Pepper, which also helps introduce everyone. The easiest way to understand this is Terpenes, if you can start to understand how, for example, the known calming effects of Limonene, or different Aroma Therapy type Oils, are then changing the effects of THC, or CBD, etc, you can start to understand the larger research. In the Marijuana/Hemp Industries, this is most simply defined as Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. It was once theorized not long ago that CBD, CBG, CBN, and other Cannabinoids like this effected Marijuana, making Sativa and Indica, but it was discovered that this Theory was wrong, and the only thing anyone can see left is the Terpenes. We can see this as having emerged from Rosin Tech, then Distillation, starting with BHO, CO2 oil, Lemonene Extracts, Vacuum Purges, etc. There were BHO explosions and Fires, and bans were put in place. Terpenes are now a Regular area of Study, and like Hydroponics, there have been changes in that at First Hydroponic was better than Soil, then the Nutrients Knowledge from Hydroponics advanced the Soil Industry, and it keeps going around like that. So now, of we compare what happened there, from a Semi-Illicit, "I used my sister's Hair Straightener to Invent this Hash", to perfumery, we can see that there is Older research into Distillation, that all of the Distillation is Perfume Tech, and that this is all akin to Concrete and Absolute in Perfumery, with each Plant's Molecules having different properties, so as to create things like Rose Otto. The extraction Techniques for other Plants have now also become cheaper in some Markets, with Closed Loop Extraction becoming more Popular in CO2 Extractions. So then to Kava Kava, this Drink is actually not thought of as a Cannabinoid, but the Kavalactones have always been known to have a kind of Beer or Marijuana quality, Beer also contains Myrcene which is what causes the Spins, also Mango Flavored Vapes can cause more Cannabinoids to cross the Blood Brain Barrier, which is what can lead to the Spins. Kavalactones are not Cannabinoids, but an entirely different Group of Molecules identified mainly in Kava Kava, and when mixed with Cannabinoids there is a Synergy, so that they are stronger together than they should be given the qualities of each. Research has been done into this, and can be seen in Potentiation Research. Potentiation is taking something that prepares your Enzymes, or Anti-Oxidizes, or activates similar receptors, so as to make the effects of another thing stronger. Many people online get into this with Kratom to try to kick Opiate Addictions. The Kava Kava Research has gone much deeper and has been much more Scientific, and involves the Endocannabinoid System. Yangonin in a Cannabinoid type Molecule, it could be called a Cannabinoid except that it is found in Kava not Cannabis, so it is a Kavalactone. The effects of Kava come from the effects of different Molecules on each other, as in Nutmeg. More Information can be found here:

And here

This also would get into the Uses of Guarana and Velvet Bean, as well as many other Southern and Eastern Hemispheric derived Herbs, Oils, Incense, etc, in the Hemp Industry. So if we go back to the Balm of Gilead, now we are talking about a Market. Balms, Lotions, Oils, Cooking Oil, we are about to see all of this come together. It's not just Marijuana Butter anymore, the Hemp Industry can compete, and so can the Food Industry.

If we then look at Cannabinoids Directly, and now look at the Modern Hemp Industry, the 2015 Farm Bill legalized anything under 0.3% THC as Hemp, this being too low to detect for most Law Enforcement, etc. We can then start to discuss some of the Problems, Marijuana being Illegal lead to K2 this is now a general term for anything made with non-Hemp Derived Cannamimeticks, as the are called, like Yangonin they are not found in Cannabis, so they are not Cannabinoids but Cannamimeticks. The original group of these was made by Grant, at a University, by John W. Hoffman, who was researching the Cannabinoid Receptors, and how to best activate them with non-THC Structured Molecules, which means out in the World they were preferred by anyone who had to take a Drug Test, particularly those on Probation, even in the Military. As the JWH Molecules were made Illegal, new ones were made, AM-2201 being a Bad attempt, and things like UR-144, and many others finding use and even being Banned. Until now the AB-CHMINACA and those class of Chemicals having Dose ranges more like LSD, JWH's mostly being active at 1mg, or 5mg, the newer ones are Microgram dosage instead of Milligram. And they aren't like Marijuana. So we need to start there when we look at things like Delta-8-THC.

Delta-8-THC is a Cannabinoid, like CBD and THC. THC as we know it is Delta-9-THC, the Farm Bill outlaws anything that is greater than 0.3% Delta-9-THC. These can be found in Nature, and have had Relationships with Humans for at least Thousands of Years, and are even Healthy for us in many ways, as opposed to the Newer Cannamimeticks which are generally now only practically used in Chemo-Therapy. There is an argument to be made that Delta-9-THC should be legalized, but for States like Texas, I think Religion and the Balm of Gilead Industry coming in is the best way to go about this. Marijuana and Hemp should come in a Religious Package.

Delta-8-THC was discovered within the past few years, since the Farm Bill passed, and is about 2/3 the Strength of Delta-8-THC due to a kind of Isomeric Difference, but it is a Hemp Derived Product, and can be found in Hemp. It takes about 2x the amount of Delta-8-THC to reach those full 2/3 effect. But this does not take into consideration Tolerance. The difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 can be compared to DMT and 4-OH-DMT, or 4-AcO-DMT, or 5-MeO-DMT, they are all different. There is now THC-O-Acetate Available, which can best be compared to Morphine and Heroine, but not in strength, just that Heroine is Acetyl-Morphine, the same Acid found in Vinegar creates the Acetyl on the Heroine and the THC-O-Acetate. This comparison may confuse some, so the best way to actually differential Delta-9-THC and Delta-9-THC-O-Acetate is in the Water Solubility, and Bioavailability. Your body is mostly made of Water, so THC usually stays in your System for 30 Days, clinging to Fat Cells. THC-O-Acetate does not store in Fat, and therefore is out through the regular Water Cycle. That is, if it does not go through the Stomach where the Acetate will react and be cleaved off by the Hydrogen and Oxygen of the Hydrochloric Acid. So it is uncertain how Drug Testing will appear for any of this, as far as a Delta-9-THC reading, for Probation, etc. No one is completely certain what happens to everything in your Body, and they feed and kill Rabbits or other animals to try to figure out what is where and when after Consumption, the only alternative being X-rays and Radioactive Isotopes, which don't actually even behave exactly like the Parent Molecule. One thing that can be considered in all of this is Tolerance, if you smoke Marijuana every day, you might get higher smoking a Delta-8-THC Vape because you have no Tolerance, then if you build Tolerance to Delta-8-THC you can use THC-O, and then there is Delta-8-THC and Delta-9-THCp mixes, which should also be done with THCv, which is what everyone was smoking in Vietnam, like the Marijuana (maybe Hemp) Strain called Vietnamese Laughing Grass, or Congolese Black, from Vietnamese Dalat, which is Black and not Purple. THCv is a Stimulant, and Appetite Suppressant, not like a Traditional Cannabinoid, but works in conjunction with the rest of the Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Delta-9-THCp is 30x the Potency, meaning most Cartridge mixes being at 4% THCp, the rest Delta-8-THC and Terpenes is a good combo, we should also start seeing some CBx Sleep Enhancing mixes, as there are other Active Cannabinoids that can be used in all of this. The math for THCp at 4%, if 1ml is 1 Gram, or 1,000mg, then 4% is 40mg, x30 is now what we could call 1,200mg Equivalent. So your 1,000mg, is more like 1,000mg - 40mg + 1,200mg. This then also gets to the Purity of the Delta-8, etc, and how much Terpene is added, but everyone should be better prepared for that math having read this. The way most of this is all figured out is through Chromotography, which is also where you determine the Terpenes for Strain based Flavors. I would also suggest everyone research Carboxylic Acids, and Peptides, or Proteins, etc. Different unintended things have been formulated by mixing Vape Bar Flavors that are from Fruits and things sometimes, but can be Synthetic also, the actual problem being when you Apply the heat of the Vape, and create a Combustion Reaction forming new Molecules.

What we are doing is bringing all of this to Dallas, TX, as part of a Religious Movement in the Van Kush Family. We are bringing this Higher Level of Understanding, even Higher Education, to America through Dallas. We can see a lot of this having Ancient Connection, to Morocco and India, and it goes back through Perfumery and Alchemy, even MDMA can be made from Pepper Molecules, which you can supply your Body with by making Pepper Tea and filtering out the solids, this is a watched Substance in the Perfume World by the DEA. We will be a guide for them, like the Government to protect them from the Government and sometimes deal with the Government on their behalf, given our experience and the Predatory nature of the Agencies. Our Currency is not a Marijuana Currency, like WEED or others, it is our Currency, like a Nation. We will not Upvote every Marijuana post we see, and are actually Feuding with some Marijuana Growers over our Currency. We are not a Dispensary Coin, and anyone who chooses to accept VKBT for Marijuana or even Hemp, is doing so by their own Choice as we intend to create a Market, and show our Products, and invite others to do the same to earn more VKBT. Any illegal Transactions are no different than those on BTC or LTC Blockchain. We will be making CBD Soap, and may actually need to start having a discussion about Police not arresting people who use CBD as an ingredient in Soap, or other kind of Hygienic, or Spiritual (Candles, etc) or other purposes, would would fall under the "Not for Human Consumption" Rule if we are now venturing out of the Federal Hemp Laws. CBD is Cannabidiol, THC is TetrahydraCannabidiol, you can make THC from CBD very easily with Acids or an Acid and Monoterpene, the Monoterpene determining the outcome of Purity and Byproducts. Leaving room for even more Perfume Industry type application and research.

We are entering a New Era. An Enlightenment, or maybe WWIII. We should see Canada, Mexico and Texas already preparing, with the DFW Medicalplex.

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My grand father used to be a herbalist. He would use natural herbs to heal people and he also felt that the only inheritance he was going to give my Dad was the use of herbs to cure people of different illnesses. Till today, despite my Dad's education, he treats people with different sicknesses including stroke, diabetes among others.
I understand clearly because this is happening around me even to this day because sometimes my Dad would ask me to get some leaves from certain trees and a few stems too and he would prepare it for people who are sick.
Also people have a choice. For countries that have banned hemp. In my opinion they are WRONG. I also know people who plant this hemp around my place and people who even sell.

We will soon start seeing a lot of advancements in the World, much of it coming from Africa, the East, and South/Central America. Medicine has largely been advanced since the 50s, and earlier, by studying the Ancient Traditions of various peoples, and we are coming to a point where Modern Science is starting to catch up to the Ancient Methodologies, and become one and the same. Like saying the Ancient ways were not wrong, but we have gotten better so as to create a more perfect system. And the experiment where we made Humans to learn more about this Earth is over. Now we have to be as Gods to new Peoples and Species on different planets. And we have a lot to get through very quickly here first.

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