The Van Kush Family Guide to Understanding Enfluerage

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What we can kind of start looking at is an Enfluerage type concept, starting by studying the Phenols/Alcohols, Tryptamines, Aldehydes, and Ketones. To start, this will all tie into the study of Terpenes, and everyone should be able to understand this by looking at the Books PIHKAL and TIHKAL, looking at the recipies that start from Natural Materials, like Sassafras, Seseamol, and other Natural Oils. The basic general concept here is Positive Allosteric Modulators, but gets into Enzymology, Anti-Oxidants, Potentiation, etc. So I would say we are safely (as far as the Law) in the territory of Witchcraft, not Medicine. Something that could be called a Forerunner to what we are about to be doing was recently called "Oilahuasca". The concept of Enfluerage is usually used to describe Flowers in an Oil or Fat, for example there are Nuns who use different Oils and Butters, and mix Violets in, then filtering them out so that the Butter/Lotion/Cream has the properties of the Violets. In the Marijuana Industry there is a direct comparison in Canna Butter, Delta-9-THC Dissolves into Fat, which is why it stays in your system for 30 Days, being released from Fat Cells like Liposomal Vitamin C.

To best start to understand, other than to use the Perfume Industry terms of Concrete and Absolute, everyone should know the difference between Distillate and Full Spectrum. Distillate comes from Fractal Distillation, meaning it is made like Liquor, where the Alcohol is heated and evaporated from Mash, or Wine, etc, to make a more pure form of Alcohol separated from the Water and Solids. When Fractally Distilling, usually a Short Path Still is used, and it is generally done by heating a Solution to different Temperatures, knowing the Boiling Point of what you want, and Evaporating it out by Distillation. This has allowed for nearly pure Delta-9-THC Distillate Cartridges across the Marijuana Industry, and is what Delta-8-THC is mirroring. Full Spectrum Extract can be seen as a less Pure, but more Full Profile. Usually Full Spectrum Extract is made by Closed Loop Extraction, using CO2 or other Solvents. But even Bubble Hash, or Kief, could be called a kind of Full Spectrum Extract, as well as the Hash from India made from the Resins during Harvest. The Full Spectrum Extract can be said to have a Profile, and we can see this as a starting point for the formulation of different things from Distillate or Isolate; the Profile being a kind of picture of "What Nature Intended". Because even when Breeding Strains, you are limited to the Plants that exist, the Plant Profiles come from a History of Genetic Profiles, and Ancestry can be traced when enough Plants are in a System of Genetic Testing. When making Flavors it seems that most of the well distributed Brands have found that mirroring the Strain Profiles is the best way to create Terpenes Profiles for Cartridges. We can probably see things like Strawberry, Banana and Blueberry also probably being able to find a place, maybe Apple if the Malic Acid or something else can be done right. There are a few flavors like that you could see being bought, but in the Vapes sometimes there can be a Harshness to the Flavor, or where it is too much. The Aromatherapy concept is probably actually the best place to start, as those Essential Oil type blends will be the easiest to create successfully, with maybe some Perfumery.

If we look at how this kind of evolved, we can say that before Marijuana Distillate, Isolate was the best Hash. The most well known method is documented in Dr. Atomic's Marijuana Multiplier, which shows how to create a Polarized Solution and retrieve Isolate, through a Separators Funnel, or Reflux, etc. Polarization can best be seen in the idea that Oil and Water do not mix. This gets into the fact that Canna Butter is the kind of easiest extraction, putting Marijuana in Butter, Oil or Milk, etc, to use for Cooking or making Bhang Drinks, or Marijuana based Foods like Brownies. In Dr. Atomic's Method you use Alcohol, like Everclear, or Water, and Naphtha. Naphtha Evaporates extremely quickly and well, so it is the best option to get a clean end product. You start by removing the Full Spectrum Extract by Alcohol Extraction, then you filter out the Solids, as you would with Butter. After that you add the Naphtha and 2 Layers are created, one contains the Polar Molecules the other contains the Non-Polar Molecules. This is then Separated, and all the CBD, and other Cannabinoids are Isomerized to Delta-9-THC and this would then be added back to the Marijuana, kind of a Standardized Sativa Extract for Marijuana in the 70s; some people wrote in to the Author about using unbent Hangers to move the Hash and heating the Hanger tip so it would drip off onto a bowl of Marijuana, etc. Before Dabbing Equipment existed. A lot of this came from Research Papers written in the 1940s, in Dr. Atomic's Marijuana Multiplier it includes steps for making THC-O-Acetate and THC-O-Phosphate, these being Water Soluble forms of THC, at that time meant to be added back on to the Plant Material. It may help some to know this, when you Boil Marijuana it actually just removes the Terpenes and Resins, not the THC, you can't really make a successful Marijuana Tea, it doesn't dissolve in Water, it hides from Water, it melts into Fat or Oil, this is why Water Bongs work. It also seems that THC-O-Acetate, which is now available in Vapes, makes you cough less, likely having to do with us being mostly made of Water. THC-O-Acetate at Reagent Grade should be considered Medical Quality, to be used when Doctors say "We don't know what else to do", what is on the shelves can go in a feeding Tube, or be Blown into someone's lungs. There should maybe also be Research into Tropanes, legally.

Winterization is when you Freeze an Oil to Separate it from something, sometimes you can Separate Water and Alcohol by Freezing it, and this can be done with many different things to create a better Separation. This gets in to Water Extraction which was kind of started by utilizing Portable Camping Washing Machines, the kind of Plastic Washing Machines, and Bubble Bags. Colder Water is better and the Goal is kind of to break down the Marijuana by Grinding or other Methods (Coffee or Herb Grinders), then to stir well or kind of mix it, which is where the Camping Washer has been used. This is kind of the simplest way to start to understand Winterization, the Colder the Water the better it Separates, instead of the normal idea of Hot Water being more effective for Washing, etc. THC-O-Acetate would mix right in the Water and only be retrievable by Distillation. We need to start to see these Molecules be used with other Herbs. Just as an example, with the Enfluerage it seems the Violets have similar Qualities to Marijuana, it is possible a Violet Flavored Vape could be made that merges well, and it could have unknown Positive effects. This could be done with Lavender and maybe has been done, it could be done with Lemonene or Lemon Essential Oil, various Essential Oils. People can start to look at Plants they have, or Ancient writings and start to put together new Vape Oils for Delta-8-THC that are better than anything at a Dispensary, and the Dispensaries might start copying. A good place to start is Oilahuasca, the Research done into Oilahuasca is almost Groundbreaking, and Dr. Sasha Shulgin can be Cited as talking about some of the same concepts. Daffodils and Snowdrop Flowers can be used to increase Brain Function, these are just an example, there are many more Plants with Clinical Profiles and known Constituents.

When discussing THC-O-Acetate kind of Clinically or Academically, we can look at Prodrugs and Adducts, which we ought to be seeing more of soon. This is something that Breaks down into something else in the stomach, by Design or by Virtue of it's Structure. The Prodrug is more simple, just adding a tiny different thing to the Parent Drug to make the Prodrug, an Adduct is like putting THC and a Caffeine Molecule together, or a Racetam, or Cholergenic, etc. Nootropics or other things could be made into Adducts. The point of this writing on Enfluerage is to encourage people to do this with Phenethylamines and Tryptamines, found Naturally in Plants. We should also be able to start to kind of create the same Structure found in Dr. Shulgin's Mescaline Research, whereby he began to discover where to add things to make the experience last longer, etc. He called one side of the Molecule the "Bushy end", and he wrote up a kind of Mescaline Rosetta Stone about this. This should begin to emerge around CBD. There should also be kind of the same thing you see for Wine Profiles, or Beer Profiles, kind of a Smell Wheel as it is called, to help people understand this all Colloquially. Further than Adducts, we can start to look at the Positions on the Molecule, and where things appear in Nature. So when asking is Delta-9-THC-O-Acetate just another form of Delta-9-THC, is Psilocin, Bufotenine? Is Cocaine, Crack? Is Beeswax, Punic Wax (Saponified Wax)? No.

THC-I, THC-II, THC-III, THC-IV, THC-V are kind of Synthetic Cannabinoids made that don't exist in Nature that were made in the 60s. Here is a paper about them, and this kind of Science may be a good place to start with all of this, with the kind of THCp Market emerging.

These kinds of things originally were called "Pollen" and were Sold some even before JWH, but that Market largely was Replaced by the K2, Bathsalt craze, the word "Spice" used to be used regularly in Europe and wasn't used to denote what we see on the Streets today. But I think the Hemp Derived Market can really help solve all of that, and we have been with this plant for a long Time. With the other Plants there may be interesting mixtures that can be made with Plants from all over the World, while there will also be those looking for USA Sourced Ingredients and Plants; but what this is kind of getting into is Eastern Medicine, Ayurveda, Witchcraft, Potions, etc.

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