The Van Kush Family Guide to Standardized Extracts

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As this Hemp Industry begins to completely emerge, with a kind of Motor Vehicle Industry type Prototyping, and Year to Year, the Nation will need to begin to have a kind of understanding, we can start this description by saying that if a Trucker is driving from State to State, the general Laws of Commerce say the Congress can't make him switch out Mud Flaps at each Border to meet each States advanced Mud Flap Laws, they all need to be the same kind of across the Board. Same for Boats Entering Ports, if there is a Storm near Florida that can't mean when a Boat goes to New York now the whole Crew is Commiting Felonies they weren't when they headed off toward Florida. That's what Customs is about.

If we look at kind of the evolution of Delta 8 Case Law we can look to the CAKE case as what is called a kind of Commanding Precedent, by way of the nature of the Framework of the United States. We have seen States like Colorado, California, and what are Native American Nations in various places, make Laws that are Less Restrictive than the Federal Congress, and they may broaden Rights or Loosen Regulations, but States can not be more Restrictive than the Federal Government, except with Alcohol as the 21st Amendment to the Constitution grants that to the States. We can see the in Dent v. West Virginia we are given further guidance, a State may appoint a Medical Board to create Prescription Laws, and can make State Crimes and Penalties attached, but they can not be the Opposite of the Federal Rule, or Penalizing people in ways that conflict with the Federal Policy. The State decides who is a Doctor, who can give out a Prescription, and in most States the Normaco v. DEA type cases involve some kind of State application, or Zoning discussion with the Municipality, the State and DEA are both kind of made aware and respond to Pharmaceutical Companies that plan to begin Manufacturing Controlled Substances, the Police at the very least may just want to know that it's there, it's just generally something all parties should know is happening. This is not that, the 2018 Farm Bill is well Established Law now, and the DEA has made many many Statements about Hemp, and are themselves saying that this is new, even going so far as to say Unintended maybe in some cases, but Congress did get very Specific when describing what was not Hemp in the Farm Bill. And Marijuana is something very Specific, it's not just anything that's not Hemp, this is a part of the Hemp Industry. Texas DSHS made a Law, and it was struck down in the Appeals Court, the SCOTX said they didn't want to hear it, then the CAKE case in the 9th Circuit says that this is a non-Issue, it's Hemp. People paid Taxes and followed a Law to get here, the Controlled Substances Act (not the Banned Molecules Act) replaced the Harrison Narcotic Tax Act, and the Marihuana Tax Act, the Farm Bill is the Hemp Tax Act. If I grow Marijuana, Cocaine, or whatever else in South America, it's everywhere and it sells for very little because of how much Money everyone has, what's around, etc. If I can get it to the United States I can make a lot more Money, crossing a few Imaginary Lines at Airports and Borders. The Government wants to Tax it, but say it's all Criminals, it funds Terrorism, it's unTaxable even. So here we are in the U.S., Canada and Mexico with all this Taxed Material. In the Country that consumes everything from everywhere.

When JWH was first made, Harm Reduction was almost kind of tongue in cheek, like people were taking 5-MeO-DMT, and mostly safe Hallucinogenic Drugs, the creation of Mephedrone, also called Meow, Meow, scared some people, and the fact it was easy to make relatively, and the sources were Cathinones, as in Quat or Khat type Stimulants, it kind of became a middle Eastern Problem, but it was invented in Israel, so it just spread here and was worst there. But Harm Reduction before then was kinda like, about Dosage, and Environment, and Purity, etc, it wasn't about staying Alive as a Necessity, other than like "Stay Hydrated". When JWH was first made, it was sold on a website called "by the Milligram", and others, but it was basically websites that bought Kilos and Tons of things, and sold it in Milligram and Gram weights, generally out of Asia, Europe or Canada. JWH was sold 1-5mg at a time, that was a Dose, and felt like you smoked a blunt to yourself, and there was a tolerance built, everyone had to have a kind of seizure if they tried to smoke more and more, and they would be incapacitated, for maybe hours, but it would never happen again after that, and they could thereafter smoke much more than before. Science leads me to believe this is an expansion of the Cannabinoid Receptors, apparently JWH fills them up in such a way where they grow, and after that you feel like Marijuana isn't as strong, until your Tolerances switch around. So now what we are talking about is in a way going back to research Papers from the 60s, and 70s, from when Marijuana, LSD, Mushrooms and Mescaline, the different Plant Derived and Brand New Synthetics, were first being created and Introduced to the whole World for the first Time, through Television and Research. We could say the British Empire's Hemp Drugs Commission Report is maybe the best example of Literature on the entire Subject of effects on a Population, to this Day. The East India Trade Company was very interested in Tea, Tobacco, and other kind of Novel Intoxicants, this was part of the Spice Trade, the Silk Road, the Triangle Trade, all of this was connected to Rum, Alcohol, Sugar, Spices, Amber, Tree Resins, Hashish, Opium, Tobacco, Tea, Coffee, etc, etc. A key to this is people being able to learn Dosages and Effects easily, and to have things packaged in a way that is Safe and easy to Dose, or kept to more restrictive use, and maybe Home use, or Personal Use, and Clinical Use, not for use while in Public Settings, Public Intoxication can cover enough Situations to be what most new Laws would be. With then maybe a few restrictions along the same Lines as "not to be above 5% ..." or 10%, or 1%, the same as the Hemp Law, or Alcohol Labels with Proof or %, even Damascone in Perfume has these Standards. When something is to be seen on a Shelf around the Nation, or on a National TV Commercial, it kind of has to be already understood and have a kind of Safety Record.

Salvia 10x, 20x, 100x, was called Standardized Extract, and it may not have gone exactly like this for all Methods of Standardizing, but there was an Industry Standard by where it was Ratioized, whereby 100x is = to 1:100, now this was not how everyone did the math for that, but we could call basic leaves from the Plant 1x, and 10 grams extracted and put on 1 gram, 1 gram of 10x. Some might say 11x, some say something else I'm sure, but the easiest understanding is Ratios, this is the same as the Dr. Atomic Concept, and in simple simple terms, we can see this as making Tea from a larger amount, and letting it evaporate onto a Smaller amount.

So this then gets into different types of what are called Concentrates or Hashes. For years there have been Websites like Bouncing Bear Botanicals and there was KT Botanicals at one point, there are what could be called between a Botanica, a Headshop/Smokeshop/Smartshop, and kind of a Spiritual Herb Shop, which is a Botanica, so maybe more of a Educational, or Forward Progress Movement, we could maybe identify it as Youngian, and in Ethnobotanicals, and Botanical Archaeology, maybe most present in the Culture around Terrence McKenna's Writings and Teachings. These shops had CO2 Extracts of Wild Dagga in the 2000s maybe earlier, they had some Native American Herbs, and African Herbs, all were supposed to have some kind of Psychoactive or Spiritual Effect, the usual method of Discovery being a Tribe or Native group showing people what they were using, and how they were preparing it. Some of these Extracts they had for Sale, and Salvia Standardization, are Comparable (in Processing Technique) to what are called Moonrocks in the Marijuana Industry, and the general process created during the BHO days, whereby Nugs would be dipped in BHO which penetrates into the Nugs to create a layer of BHO Hash Oil in the Flower, then it was rolled in Kief, like Wika Box Hash, kind of Moroccan Hash, sometimes called Pollen, made into Pucks with a Pollen Press. Dr. Atomic's Marijuana Multiplier is an example of this kind of thing also, where the Cannabinoids are extracted, Isolated, all made into THC, and added back to the Plant Material. This is how Kratom Extracts are made, there is kind of a Ratioization in the Standardized Herb Extraction Industry, and the Vapor Distillate for the Cartridges is kind of new, across the Herbal Consumption Industries there are various kinds of what could be called Hashes, or Tinctures, or Oils, etc, to be used. And with Cannabinoids, we can see that there will be the same kind of Applications to be made, as well as what has been called "Fortification", which also needs to be researched with Potentiation and Synergy.

Fortification can be seen as a Technique that came from the Alcohol Industry, if I Fortify a Wine with Vodka, I'm basically just raising the Alcohol Content without eating the Sugars, and this is mostly to say without Fermenting the Wine more, Fortification is always just adding something more Pure to something else, to ensure whatever desired outcome, usually inebriation. This is comparable to Fortifying Milk with Vitamin D, or Fortifying Salt with Iodine. We could say when Coca-Cola was made by the FDA to remove Cocaine to their product, that they Fortified it with Caffeine, and there was an Argument that this was an Unnatural Adulteration (See United State v. Kegs of Coca-Cola). There has recently been the term "Fortified" used with THCp, to say that this 30x Strength Cannabinoid, is being added in small Quantities, so as to increase the desired effect when consumed. If we then start seeing things like Kava mixed Fortified, and Beer Fortified with Cannabinoids, it will start to be a kind of New Field. But we are almost guaranteed to start seeing Extracts from these other plants begin to appear in the Hemp Industry.

There is a Movie called "High School" where Adrian Brody plays a Character who has come across a Substance called Keef, which at the time was something like THCa Isolate, or could be compared to that, it was a Time of Sauce, Diamonds, Live Resin, and kind of the peak of the Shatter Industry, and emergence of Distillates after CO2 made a big Splash. There was not really something like Keef, maybe a few things, maybe some Cannamimeticks, or those early Cannamimeticks that were called Pollens, but that Keef substance from the Movie was kind of a Mythical thing. Now, with Distillate, and Isolates, it's not such a Rare thing even, there are lots of these.

If we then look to Acids, Bases and Salts, we can first best start to understand this through our Stomach Acids, and the Absorption of various Molecules, 4-HYDROXY-N-ISOPROPYL-N-METHYLTRYPTAMINE, or 4-OH-MiPT from Sasha Shulgin's Literature, should help people understand, the substance can be found in a Fumerate Salt, or a Base, or a Hydrochloric Salt, then as Acetates and Esters.

DOSAGE : 12 - 25 mg, orally (as the indolol or the acetate)

This is now emergent in Physiological Medicine, there are now Acetates, Chelated Minerals, things Free Base and Free Acid Creatine, which is similar to the difference between Cocaine Salt, or Crack Rocks, but for Creatine Absorption. The primary difference Noticable by examination of these Substances is their Solubility, and their Weight, more Molecular Mass being added means each Molecule weighs more in the Gram, and so Dosages and everything must account for the new weight, in some cases; as the Solubility may effect Bioavailability where your body can absorb more Full Molecules, or Full Effects, from less Material. Which is the effect you can not Analyze with Machines, the purpose of Clinical Studies and what Law Enforcement has deemed "Experimenting with Drugs", but the Glossary of PIHKAL and TIHKAL created an actual Foundation for. Before David E Nichols put together what we now call Serotonin Receptors, Sasha Shulgin and him were in a Lab not looking at where Molecules went in the Brain right away (and with Radioactive Isotopes Sasha Shulgin would make things, preform X-Rays, and have goals as far as looking for the Human Soul) but instead they would look at the Structure of a Molecule, the Placement of Hydrogens, Oxygens and other Atoms, and begin to theorize how a New Molecule, or existing Molecule, would break down in the Human body, based on how similar structures broke down. PIHKAL and TIHKAL are in Fact Alchemical Books, not just Pharmacopeia.

Regarding Applying Syllogism to Structure Activity Relationship.

The conclusion is the same. But the second premise is false so the entire reasoning is illogical. What is the false second premise? It is not a fact that every stimulant is a phentermine. There are lots of stimulants that are not phentermines.
So much for applying syllogistics to pharmacology.

As we move forward with these Concepts in the Hemp Industry there will have to be a naming Regime, it could maybe even be said that calling Delta-8-THC, THC at all, may be misleading for example, because of the Structure. But that is not going to present huge issues, just something to be discussed, probably at length, for the next Decade or so. There will need to be Industry Standards, and people who understand that a Synthetic Molecule and a Natural Molecule that are the same exact Substance, are Identical to your Body, but there are many caveats, and we will have to wade into these Waters. Sasha Shulgin provided probably a better Framework for all of this than we could have hoped for, and we can actually look to Dr. David E. Nichols, Dr. Sasha Shulgin, and Terrence McKenna, and see that there was already different Cultural Groups forming in the 80s and 90s that have now become completely ingrained in Americana. Entheogenic Research is not lacking in America, there is just somehow a kind of divide.

This may be mist easily summed up in this way, if I tell you that I am in your Town and we are starting a Marijuana Church, you might say "Good Luck", and not say another word about it, even if you are 100% in support, for fear that your own beliefs on the Subject may lead to your Religious Oppression, or effect your Life in other ways. The Santo Diame Church has filed about this, and the concept is not new, Religions are constantly throughout History, forced to Secrecy by Unsympathetic Government, it is not some unheard of thing for a Church to face persecution from a Government, or to not even be permitted in a Country. And somehow as Sasha Shulgin wrote his Books, and the DEA went through them banning everything, and these new Lists of Substances were made, maybe Roadmaps it could be called the DEA has been drawing up, and because of the bans on Psychedelics, now Opiates, Benzos and Stimulants have Flourished in what have been called "Bath Salts". And somehow as all of this moved forward, people kept ordering things to their Homes, while the DEA tried to figure it all out, and there became this disconnect, whereby people do not discuss this regularly, but it is an important topic in many peoples lives. We don't think about it until we are talking about Prescription Prices, and Medicaide, and the Affordable Care Act, or a Lawsuit against a Doctor, but that obscures the entire thing because it should just be about Emergencies, and Vital Issues, Doctors shouldn't have so much thrust on them in terms of figuring things out. When we look at how many people become Doctors, some choose the path to do good for everyone, but there are a good chunk out there whose parents told them they were going to be Doctors, and they want to make Money. In a field like that, you can't just walk in any Office and hope for a Miracle. We have to look at things, for example, that Body Builders use, and start ordering them at Home for Medical type use (Nootropics, or things banned in the Olympics, etc), and ask the Doctor what they think, tell them what happens, write about it online for everyone else to have as a Reference, etc.

I have read about Salvia Leaves curing Heart Plaque and other problems, there was a person having issues with their Heart and the Doctors basically told him to get ready to die, so he went to Mexico where the Mazatecs are and ate 70 Leaves of 1x, regular from the Earth Salvia Dovinorum, which took him on a Psychedelic Journey to the Garden of Ska Pastora, the Shepherdess, who was watching over him as a plant in her Garden and she passed her hand through him, removing all the Plaque. Some Doctors have responded saying that it might be that eating 70 Leaves of anything was maybe the most healthy thing he had ever done (because of American Diets) and eating 70 Leaves of anything maybe would have cured him. Some people are cured of various things by getting Intravenous Vitamin C, and the Theories about why it works are basically the same. So when we look at what the DEA is doing, and the disconnect from what the People are doing, there seems to be a big gap in information gathering, because people are afraid of the Authority. What we need though, is Standardization, is the Government helping guide people, 501(c)(3)s like MAPS, and Dance Safe, Religious Exemptions, and actual Religious Enlightenment, Doctors being able to Speak and Write Freely as new things are Discovered, able to perform studies like Timothy Leary and Harvard, etc, did when LSD first emerged. It shouldn't be the Rebellious Scientist breaking away from the Industries and preforming Miracles, it should all be acceptable Research. Doctors will want to know the Facts, they will want to be able to tell their Patients what is best, even if it's not a Prescription. Which then gets to what will come out of Clinical Studies that still need to be preformed, and Prescriptions.

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Its really sad when the government just want to control and sometimes they don't carry out the best research and some officials do that for their personal interests.