Development Updates 4 | 12 May 2022 | and | Summary | Tags | Promoted Member Feature | GA 4

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As you all know, we had some updates the previous week. And same changes were applied to today, so check the previous post for those changes

Blurt.Live Frontend

Summary, Tags, and Promoted members were added as other frontends.


As Google is going to deprecate Universal Analytics, we moved to GA-4 frontend

Limit vote update

So the voting bar was updated whenever you interact with that. This led to frequent calls to RPC. So for testing there is some fix added. Vote power may not be soon updated, but you can still vote with the idea.


Same as above

Some future updates

So, as per @tekraze

I have been away for a long as it was a hard time for me. Some friends were lost, some new friends were made, and as we all know things just happened. I was not able to recover from that experience, which I had some of my personal issues. So, I am trying to be back in a position to work on more updates. I will try to achieve more work coming days.
Because of the issues I also have to take an off from my job, so I am kind unemployed for at least 45 days now. I will be using this time to restore my health, sort out issues as well speed up my development. I hope I will be in my old form.
Thanks to you all for standing with me

There are some updates he might work alongside @saboin and @eastmael

  • Blurt Keychain
  • Frontend Fixes and Design
  • New player Integrations ( for Podcast sites)

This is all for now. We will keep posting more updates. Do share and vote to support the development and the developer too 😜

Note: If you have some frontend-related feature in mind, do let us know. We might give it a try if possible

Vote for our Witness -

Vote for Tekraze Witness -

Vote for Witness -

Vote for Blurtlatam Witness -

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Nice post Bhai. Welcome back.

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I like all developers and their works and developments. They observe praises and respect.

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I was using but it is running very slow and it's not working some times so....
I am very happy by the update

I Love it when devs are focusing of the development of the platform. I've been here since Dec 2020, blurt has gone through a lot of challenges. Some of the known witnesses left the platform, but blurt stand strong still.

I actually onboarded 4 new users since 2 days, and expecting more in the future.

Updates and developments are key to success for any blockchain. And very lucky that we have three best and hard working developers. Keep it up guys.

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