A Faceless visit!

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I woke up all of a sudden, you know that scary feeling of an unwanted presence? Yes! that’s what I felt down in my spine, I could feel the hairs behind my neck stand while goosebumps spread round my body. I’m not scared of the dark heck, I love the darkness but at this point I could help but wish it’ll be morning already.


I felt my mouth go dry, I needed some water and how was it that today of all days I had forgotten to fill up the water jug by my bed? I tried to ignore my thirst but I knew I’d end up having a sore throat from how much saliva I’ve been trying to pass down my throat. So I decided to shake off that uneasy feeling, I peered round my room and I didn’t see anything ”get over yourself, don’t be a baby it’s nothing!”

I quickly scurried my way to the kitchen and In a minute I was in my room with my bottle of water. I still couldn’t wash off the scary feeling I was getting. ”relax, it’s all in your head, calm down” After gulping down the water to my contentment I decided to go back to bed. ”Gotta be up early for work, can’t show up looking groggy and sleep deprived, you’re good, go to bed” I laid down and in no time I fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept but I was suddenly awake, this time around the fear in my mind intensified and grew crippling. I tried to sit up and I realized I couldn’t move, I couldn’t move my feet, hands and body. ”what the hell is happening?” I spotted a shadow close by and I managed to move my pupils towards the left and then I saw it.


There was something standing by my window staring at me. I tried to scream, I tried to shout but no sound could escape my throat, I couldn’t move my body, I could feel myself anymore, only tears could escape my eyes at that point. I felt so helpless, I tried to beg but words refused slipping off my tongue, it just stood there watching me, it’s tattered skin sent chills down my spine, it’s foul stench polluted the atmosphere and it’s head!! Oh the horror!! My brain can never forget!! I began to suffocate, it felt like the oxygen in the room was cut off, I felt my neck being squeezed but I couldn’t see anyone or anything ”please, I don’t want to die, no please!” I muttered these words in my head but it never came off my mouth. My throat hurt, my chest burned, I couldnt breathe…..I was being choked, I could feel my eyes roll back towards my ears…I was going to die…and then it stopped!!


It stopped!! The creature had vanished, I could feel my limbs again, I quickly sat up, catching my breathe still in fear whilst holding my now aching throat. I quickly paired threw my room in fearbut I could see anything. I needed water! Just as I was about picking up my bottle of water, the creature appeared and before I could scream or react my head was sliced off!!….and the lights went off.
I’m writing this story from hell, stay away from your widows, lock the doors and never sleep with you lights off!.. if he finds you there’s no escape, there’s no help.. just torture…pain…death.. BE WARNED!!! He is the faceless , and he wants to steal your face!! he wants your soul!! Never Switch of the lights for he is always lurking!! BE WARNED!!!

Thank you for reading

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