The Markings Of Curses (chapter 1)

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One night, the king Harry of Kaslam had taken the young prince Jeremy out to the wood for his first hunt. They were accompanied by horsemen as royalty demands as well as for hunting animals for a feast. The prince was very much excited as he had always looked forward to hunting alongside his father.


While on the hunt they sighted a blown out fire and a little hut besides it, the hut looked fragile from the worn out wood used to hold the structure. The king grew perplexed, wondering who would live out in the forest. The chief guard went for proper sighting and realized that no one was home and the king ordered for a thorough search of the environment.


On searching, they found a lady hiding alongside her pet pig, she had spotted the kings men from afar and ran in fear. She was brought to the king who observed her closely. She was middle aged, had really pale skin and mystic markings on her hands. ’who are you? Where are you from? And why are you out here?’ the king asked in a not so friendly voice.
trembling in fear she replied ’I am Elsa of Avalon’ At the sound of the name Avalon the king roared in anger. Years ago a war broke out between the people of Avalon and Kaslam. The Avalons were slaughtered and killed by the Kaslams as instructed by the king and no one was shown mercy, children, women or men.


The king ordered his men to chain Elsa and she was dragged to their city. She begged to be released.’please I have done nothing wrong, please let me go’ she screamed and struggled with the guards. The prince on seeing how distressed she was tried to talk to his father….’father she did you no wrong, have mercy and let her go’ and the king replied ’you have to show the world that you are powerful and must be feared or else you will be made a fool’
Elsa was dragged alongside her pig to the castle where she was thrown into the dungeon, to starve.


On a few occasions the young prince snuck to feed her some of his food in pity and he was appreciated. One day. The king had ordered for a feast and Elsa’s pig was taken. She cried and begged as usual, he was the only family she had left, but the king blinded by power ordered for it to be killed, cooked and feasted on!
The feast was a big one, Elsa was dragged out of the dungeon and forced to have a taste of the pork which she refused. The king got up and shoved a bite into her mouth and she spat it on his face. Angered by this insult he sentenced her to death by hanging at sunset.


Elsa sat in her cell waiting for her death when the prince came to see her, he cried and apologized on his fathers behalf. She smiled and thanked him for his help and gave him an old necklace, telling him that it will guide him in due time. At sunset she was chained to a gallow in front of the kingdom for all to watch. ’This is a treat to the kingdom, and her death will serve as an example to anyone who wishes to trespass or insult the grown’ the king yelled, long live the king, long live the king!!’
’any last words?’ the king asked.

’you will suffer and die, your land will be plagued and upon every sunset people will die!! Those who killed and ate my pig will rot from their inxufeso, You will all suffer for this until my blood has been satisfied’ And with that Elsa was hung.


Upon her death, the clouds grew thicker and darkness covered the city. Screams erupted within the crowd as people began to fall and die with markings appearing on their hands just like Elsa’. The king suddenly went blind and all he could see was darkness and he began to scream in pain alongside some guards, small parts of their bodies began to rotten…. The city was cursed, Elsa was a witch and the city was subjected to doom!!…. to be continued

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Indeed I liked it
I had a feeling you would say she's a witch at the end.
Alas the kingdom is cursed can't wait to see what happens next
Nice story

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