The Markings Of Curses (chapter 2)

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Two year had passed without a solution, Just as Elsa had stated; upon every sunset a marking would appear on the arm of the next soul to be taken and they would be gone. On a good day just a life was taken but there were days when they lost up to five lives. The people were forced to live in fear, not just from the curse but from treats of other kingdoms which the king had once conquered.


With their population decreasing and the land cursed, the soil could barely produce food. Soon they would be at the mercy of other kingdoms they once controlled or worse starved. The king stayed blind within his chambers for years thinking of all his mistakes and actions have cost. His sight, his throne, his pride, his people!!
”I cannot live like this” one day The once proud and great king drank a cup of poison and he died like a coward.

Although at the news of the kings death other kingdoms threatened to overtake the kingdom, but they feared that the curse would affect them. Solutions were Being searched for, seers where consulted but all to no avail. The young prince Harry had to take up the responsibility of caring for his people, For some reason ge never took of the necklace Elsa had given him for it gave him a feeling of comfort.


One night while reading books of curses and cures, he began to weep. He was alone, his people were on the verge of hunger and death and he felt useless. He held on to his necklace for comfort and then a tear drop fell on the pendant. A bright light appeared in the room and a little yet fierce looking girl appeared, for a moment the price grew scared and tried to run but she spoke. ”fear not Prince, I have guarded you for years, I am not here to hurt you but to give you a solution to what you seek” with that the prince grew calm and she continued. ”you are to appease the soul of Elsa, visit her grave with a bunch of roses, her favourite and the head of your father, his blood will be used to appease her vengeful soul and wash the land” and then he spoke ”my father is dead and buried, by now his body would have decayed” she replied ”then a sacrifice of a person with the royal blood will do! This should be done when the sun is setting, remember time is far spent” and with that she disappeared.

The prince began to think. His mother had died years ago and he was the only child. He knew he had relatives with the royal blood but who would he sacrifice? Then he came to a decision that he would use himself, he had grown to love and care for them and couldn’t afford more losses. That night the people were asked to gather and the prince informed them that a cure was found at a price although he never disclosed what the price was.


Elsa was buried far within the forest outside the kingdom, the prince was accompanied by his guards and they sort out to find the grave. It wasn’t easy to locate as the weeds had grown thicker but at last it was found. The prince had brought the roses as instructed and knelt besides the grave. He proceeded to apologize to her for what his father had done and proceeded to drop the roses around her grave. He knew what he had to do next. He instructed the chief guards to guide his kingdom, and prayed that they will be blessed with a better king.

with shaky hands her pulled out a knife ready to slit his throat, whilst his guards tried to stop him ”no your highness!! Please don’t”
Just as he was about to take his life, a bright light shun and Elsa appeared.
”Stop, that’s enough, you are indeed a great prince with a pure heart. You have proven by this act of selflessness that you are nothing like your father. The curse has been lifted and you will rule over kings, grow in strength and conquer”


With that markings began to appear on the prince’s body. Markings of protection, strength, knowledge and power. Elsa proceeded to ask for her necklace which the prince was reluctant to give, she laughed and assured him that her presence will forever be there to comfort him.
The prince and guards returned to the kingdom where it began to rain for the first time in years, the people rejoiced. At sunset, no life was lost and a feast was held in acknowledgement of the prince who was to be crowned the king soon. The kingdom could finally rejoice again, the land produced better than before, the women bore children and the kingdom was stronger than ever.

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