Coming Soon...'The Witness Lounge Diaries'...

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Coming soon !...

(when I've completed my websites - eta 2059)

A daily cartoon strip - to help keep the intelligent people informed about the idiocy.

daily patriot - Copy (5) - Copy.jpg

Including all your favorite virtue signalling witnesses and their contradictory conversations that would make a mentally slow aemoba look quite bright...

....All in one daily cartoon strip.

doll - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

So many adventures await !
... I'll be back - ASAP - annoying the mask wearers, melting the snowflake politician libtards, and...So much more

So much to do, so little time.

First Story to hit the blurt pages.... !
'Bagholder Butthurt' (pictured above) meets up for drink with his BFAM favorite, Emo Retard - and the adventures that the two little tykes, get upto...

F - Financially
U - Uninformed
D - Delusionals


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Purple isnt gay, purple is manly...


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Another "acronym" lolol! Keeping with your pimp mentality too.

Bring it on. I'm about ready to leave. When I get lambasted for asking genuine questions to someone I had a lot of respect for I now see with my own eyes what you are talking about. I've even been put down for reblurting your posts.
It's the hive all over again.

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agreed I am defo not leaving just cause one guy thinks I called him a liar when I didn't lol, screw that and nor should you. You probably get the biggest upvotes on the platform just keep rolling forwards.

Will do, I'm just not as prolific as some, I need inspiration. Have a part time job now too so not as much time but no I'm not leaving.

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Don't leave! That's what all haters want. Use blurtlatam original mute function instead
I just muted the guy who calls everyone fag, it works and it is good function

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lol I muted faggot guy too he still shows up in notifications but I just don't click the link and never see the comments.

Oh cool, show me how to use that please!!! Does it work the same as the infamous supermute button hahaha
Never mind found it and just muted the 3 nutjobs.

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Lol..baah is lovely once you get to know him!

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He really isn't and he seems to be playing practicalthought's whipping boy.

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He loves the whip!

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I seem to be meeting similar people on Bastyon - is it me :)

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yup ur a weirdo magnet

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Just ignore the haters and earn buckets and buckets of blurt crypto you can use to buy more land in Ireland.