Opening 18 Reward Box

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splinterlands friends,

Welcome Everyone To My Daily Focus Point Reward & enjoy my post and watch my gaming video from YouTube Channel.

Welcome back everyone. As happy as I was before opening the 18 reward boxes, I was more depressed after opening the reward boxes. I can't say whether I got what I was supposed to get as a reward. But I was hoping to get more cards.

I collect 18 or 20 focus point reward boxes after finishing each season. This is the first time I have opened 18 reward boxes since the end of the last season.

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Among the 18 reward boxes

I Got Card - 3 Box
I Got SPS - 6 Box
I Got Legendary Potion - 7 Box
I Got Merits (S) - 2 Box

Out of the 3 cards I got,

2 common and 1 epic card.

This card belongs to the Fire Element

This card is named BLOOD MAKER

This is a RARE card

The prize for this card is $0.005

The prize of this Munster card of fire element is low. This is a ranged attack card. This card can deal 2 health damage per attack. You can buy this card if you want.

This card belongs to the Earth Element

This card is named VAMPIRE BAT

This is a COMMON card

The prize for this card is $0.005

The prize of this Munster card is low. I play battle with magic cards of earth element. As a result I don't play battle with this melee attack card. For which I can't say much about this card.

This card belongs to the Neutral Element

This card is named URAEUS

This is a EPIC card

The prize for this card is $0.14

My favorite is a Munster card. I choose this card when I play battle with fire element. Low mana but high attack power. The prize of this card is comparatively high. Because it's an epic card.

The main purpose of providing the picture is so that you can see my current status at a glance. My rating, my power, how many reward boxes I've opened, what rank I play battles, how much time is left in the session, etc.


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Stay healthy, stay well, stay safe and try to stay well.


Thanks everyone for reading and visiting my post.

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