I Played Splinterlands For The First Time!!!

in blurtgaming •  11 months ago 

It is a pretty fun game!

I played a few games at the novice level. Learned the basic mechanics of the game. There have been a few play to earn games I've tried, glad to get into this one!

I am powering down some hive so that I can purchase the Summoners Spellbook so I can receive rewards. Also I heard it is good to have a fairly decent Summonors Card to start. I will purchase a few packs soon and have fun with it

This is the start of a fun gaming adventure I think! I really like how all the battles are saved and all you have to do is copy a link to show anyone. I think that is so great. Here are the first few battles! (that I won lol)





I'm sure I will have more to say and more updates as I go on. I'm excited to show my rewards and share battles. I will just have to wait a couple more days to really start after I get some funds.

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