Mario 1 - Death Scroll Glitch!

in blurtgaming •  last year 

I've been trying to get back into Mario 1 with codes to glitch and mess it up! Been trying to make the levels randomized and messed up to try to make it entertaining. While going through codes I found something funny and weird that happened. Mario gets to end of level but there is no where to go so he just keeps walking. After awhile he falls into a hole! When that happens the game acts like you are moving to the next stage but it gets stuck in a glitch. The screen keeps moving forward a bit at a time while the end level music tries to start. It is really weird! I know this happened to me before. This time I captured it scrolling faster after glitch lurching forward for awhile. That was pretty cool! The code makes more long junk levels so you see broken landscape go by while a Likitu drops spiny's around. Hopefully I can get some more weird glitches to share

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