Mario Found New Ice World But Then Swam Into Some Problems!

in blurtgaming •  last year 

I have been able to accomplish some alright glitch screen time on Mario 1! I messed with level selector in conjunction with alternate worlds and some other terrain codes to find some messed up levels. I almost forgot about the junk levels. This one seems sort of normal though I think it may be a junk level. I want to show some of those later. For now I'm trying to find sort of normal alternate worlds. I had the swim code on when I saved the level so it makes the gameplay extra weird...I did it actually because the letters at the bottom of the screen are like vines and you fall through them so you have to swim to get through the level! Also added a code that makes the game go crazy. Now I know how to rewind the game so when it glitches out I can try again haha. I'm having fun with this little Mario 1 glitch fest. Older games are easier to glitch sometimes.

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