Parachute Drop In Blankos Junction! Onto A Stack Of Blankos

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I have still been playing Blankos Block Party. I have been playing it for quite awhile now. It helps me to relax, unwind and take my mind off of everything for a bit. It is it's own world where vinyl toys have come alive and they are NFT's there are different brawl matches between other players with 4 modes. There is k.o. stages, collecting vibes, races and target practice. I still hope more people play this game! Sometimes there is not that many people on it. Now there are tournaments too. I missed this last one. Heard the next one is in the fall. My computer cannot handle full video screen capture while playing the game so I just do some random clips with the phone. This one takes place in the Junction where the Blankos go to hang out, sort of a social area. I use a parachute to fly as high as possible then land on top of a stack of Blankos!! I have the long and short video (takes awhile to parachute up) Here they are

Some of the music in the video clips is by Synthesis Underground presented by Massesect


Links to Synthesis Underground instrumental project

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