Sonic 3 - November 3, 1993 Prototype - Carnival Night Zone Act 2

in blurtgaming •  last year 

You are unable to move onto act 2 from act one in Carnival Night on this prototype so I start on Act 2 from stage select menu. I think the prototype is so weird and funny. I like the alternate music for this stage. I use the game genie to have Knuckles show up then it puts on his weird music from the prototype that lasts until the boss. Had to use debug to get past some prototype hurdles, finally make it to boss, you are unable to go to next stage. It was a fun little play through! I added the sonic can shoot rings code but didn't use it much. Not sure which act I will try next on this prototype but I like it with the classic Sonic 2 Sonic and Tails in Sonic 3. After I'm done playing though more or less as normal I will try to mess the game up and glitch it out later. Should not be too hard, this prototype is really buggy as is

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