Sort Of Playable Chaos Level On Mario 1! Bricks, Castles, Happy Clouds, Random Enemies!

in blurtgaming •  4 months ago 

Went back to messing around with the level codes with Game Genie on Mario 1 and found a few weird what I call Chaos Levels! Some of them are random and mixed. This level thinks it's a bonus level. If you actually fall down you loop back but don't die. I had to use the swim in air code for this one as much of the level has no floor. I find these sort of levels interesting because you never know what to expect! The level goes on forever until time runs out. I found a few more of these levels. I found some different ones when I tried this kinda stuff before, hope to find them again. I'm excited to show the truly chaotic levels where it is allot of junk on the screen, I do like the more normalish ones too! It's weird

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